The Powers of SDS and Replication Collide

Here at Dell EMC, we’re always trying to utilize the breadth of our product portfolio to maximize the synergies between products and deliver the best solutions for our customers. With market-leading storage and data protection options, ensuring that customers can use them together is critical to transforming the data center and getting the most out of their investment. One such product is Dell EMC ScaleIO, our software-defined block storage offering.

When we talk to customers, protection of ScaleIO data is always a hot topic. With six 9’s availability, ScaleIO provides excellent peace of mind for customers storing their most critical production data on the platform. However, there are some customers who want to go above and beyond and use data protection tools, such as replication, to provide multi-site business continuity in case of a disaster. Recently, there has been some great collaboration between our ScaleIO and RecoverPoint teams which we’re excited to share with you today.

On February 22, 2017 Dell EMC announced RecoverPoint 5.0.1 general availability. This announcement includes the release of a new RecoverPoint service pack which provides physical RecoverPoint appliance (RPA) support for ScaleIO 2.0.1. There are a ton of features in this release for ScaleIO which we are excited to share with you!

First, with this new integration we can not only provide ScaleIO / ScaleIO replication support, but also ScaleIO / VNX replication support. This is a game changer! It enables customers to use ScaleIO as a source and target cluster for ScaleIO AND VNX workloads, providing yet another way for customers to take advantage of the simplified storage lifecycle management and business value benefits of ScaleIO. It gets even more exciting as there are plans to incorporate other Dell EMC platforms into the mix!


It doesn’t stop there though. This integration provides bi-directional, multi-copy synchronous and asynchronous replication capabilities. Customers get smart, efficient data replication with multi-copy support and reduced data cycles where only data changes are sent over the wire. Last but not least, the integration enables continuous data protection for any PiT recovery to optimize RPO and RTO while ensuring recovery consistency for interdependent applications.

Providing support for ScaleIO with physical RecoverPoint Appliances provides solid, dependable disaster recovery and business continuity for software-defined storage customers. This integration ensures that ScaleIO data is always protected and available with efficient data redundancy and multiple options to provide agility, flexibility and choice. Customers can eliminate downtime and data unavailability and maximize data protection by using ScaleIO and RecoverPoint together.

We hope you’re as excited about this new integration as we are. Want to learn more? Contact your local Dell EMC rep!

About the Author: Jason Brown