Powerfully Simple: Modern Management for Dell EMC Data Protection

Visibility across Dell EMC Data Protection Software and protection storage brings simplicity.

Good news! Dell EMC is announcing modern, simple management for Dell EMC Data Protection.

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This modern management enables users to gain control over their data protection through:

  • Complete visibility via customizable dashboards
  • Unified management across multiple sites and systems
  • Simple search and recovery enabled by Google-like keyword search
  • Comprehensive reporting generated with a single click
  • Simple protection automation
  • VMware integration

Dell EMC Data Protection management software is easily downloadable and included without additional cost with Dell EMC Data Protection Software.

Complete Visibility via Dashboards

A comprehensive view across data protection environments allows users to gain a complete picture of their data protection environment. Through customizable dashboards, they can instantly identify the health of their data protection environment and the capacity of their protection storage and servers. Dell EMC Data Protection management software also provides an efficient method to manage policies across multiple systems and ability to swiftly identify/resolve issues with real-time alerts.

 Dell EMC Data Protection Central Complete Visibility via Dashboards

Unified Management Across Sites and Systems

Our unified management allows users to manage their data protection across multiple sites, systems, and consumption models with centralized management.  It addresses the majority of day-to-day tasks from a single pane of glass to perform policy management and run backups on-demand.

Simple Search and Recovery

Dell EMC Data Protection makes search and recovery simple.  Our management software offers a Google-like keyword search and powerful filtering that makes it easy to find relevant file(s) across data protection systems. Users can recover directly from their search results, greatly reducing the time to recovery.

Comprehensive Reporting                                                 

Businesses often need up-to-date information about the data protection process as a whole to ensure SLOs are being met. Comprehensive reporting allows you to run pre-configured reports on-demand with a single click.

Simple protection automation

Through our management software, backup administrators can automatically discover database assets, provision protection storage, and enforce policy management, allowing them to efficiently monitor and enforce SLO compliance.

Dell EMC eCDM Assets

VMware Integration

VMware integration enables vAdmins to protect VMware environments from native interfaces and protect across multiple vCenters from a modern vSphere plugin.

Dell EMC vSphere integration

Dell EMC modern management enhances our comprehensive portfolio of data protection in the industry, making it powerfully simple! For more information please visit www.dellEMC.com/dataprotection

About the Author: Kunal Ruvala

Kunal is an experienced engineering and product management leader at Dell Technologies. Currently he is the Senior Vice President of Software Engineering within the Data Protection division. Over the last 19 years, he has lead high performing, large, global engineering organizations in primary storage, data protection, enterprise management software, and security solutions.
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