Pirates beware! High availability IT infrastructure helps Pole Star keep ships safe on the high seas

image Pirates don’t just exist in fantasy stories, which is why Pole Star has been protecting more than 6,000 ships around the world since 1998. Keeping ships safe from attack (including a panic button and scheduled reporting) requires a powerful IT infrastructure, so the company recently worked with Dell to deploy a new virtualized environment to keep up with rising demand. This was largely driven by a new regulation issued by the International Maritime Organisation, stating that every ship at sea must report its position four times a day.

James Bayley, Head of IT at Pole Star spoke to Dell about making a change and together, Dell and Pole Star deployed a powerful, scalable virtualized environment with PowerEdge servers and EqualLogic storage. Now Pole Star has a high availability system and has cut its server footprint by 83 per cent. With predicted 50 per cent year on year growth, Pole Star now has animage IT environment that will mature and develop with the business for years to come. Bayley says: “This environment gives us confidence that we can maintain 100 per cent availability, helping us ensure the safety and visibility of ships around the world.”

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About the Author: Kathy Mahady