Pervasive Business Intelligence with Oracle and Dell

This post is authored by Dan Blankenship.

Better reporting and analysis of corporate data can help set a company apart from the competition.   Many companies use Business Intelligence as a means to improve performance, increase sales channels, provide improve service to customers, and a host of other services.   Still other companies have struggled to implement a successful Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence program.   In most cases, it may be only a lack of focus and a roadmap that is needed to help your organization find ways to better use their information.  In other words, help turn your data into meaningful information that can drive business, improve efficiencies, or monitor performance.  

Over the course of the next few issues of the Dell Power Solutions magazine, we will include new insights into how you can benefit from our Dell Services team’s experience in data warehousing and business intelligence.  In June, we included some insight into building a Pervasive Business Intelligence program using Oracle on Dell servers.   This article uncovers some of the tools available that can help put the power of BI in the user’s hands, and how Oracle provides over 350 pre-built applications that can help jump start any BI program.   This 4-page article focuses on ways that an integrated, standards-based platform can increase efficiency for organizations and allows companies to move beyond the traditional, fragmented approach to business intelligence.

You can find the article on the Dell Power Solutions website under “Business Intelligence" 

Also included is a podcast interview link in this article focused on BI. The podcast interview, “Enabling Pervasive Intelligence” focuses on the challenges that many organizations are faced with in deploying true, enterprise-wide, pervasive BI.    This is a podcast between me and Mark Conway from Oracle providing insights on trends and best practices in the BI market that an organization can put to use today.  The podcast is live on the Oracle PartnerNetwork Partner casts page

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