Paving the Way for Powerful Thinkers

Imagine what might occur if our top researchers and scientists were lacking the essential tools to help pave the way for new discoveries. Think of the potential missed opportunities and technological advancements that would be overlooked. While these brilliant minds are the birthplace of big ideas, the technology that researchers, engineers and scientists use truly help bring innovative ideas to life.

In order to serve customers such as scientists and engineers who are looking for ways to expedite the process of research and getting results, Dell today introduced the PowerEdge C410x. Back in March, we introduced the PowerEdge C family of servers, which were designed with inspiration from our Data Center Solutions (DCS) customers. The C410x expands this family and adds non-server solutions to help a greater number of customers build efficient and affordable hyperscale data center infrastructures; the C410x rounds out a portfolio of solutions that enable customers to grow and thrive.

The C410x, an external PCI Express (PCIe) expansion chassis, delivers first-of-its-kind expansion ability to help power groundbreaking research. It connects host nodes to up to 16 PCIe devices to get results faster, while saving on space, weight and cost. It is available and qualified with NVIDIA Tesla M1060 or M2050 computing modules, graphics processing units (GPUs) and qualified with the PowerEdge C6100 server.

Below, Joe Sekel, systems architect for DCS, provides a demonstration of the ins and outs of the PowerEdge C410x.

The key to success for DCS has been identifying underserved market segments and innovating to meet the specific needs of customers in those segments in a way that no other vendor has. The C410x institutes more aggressive power-saving tactics while packing a mighty punch with processing speed to provide more efficiency for researching, movie rendering, and gaming environments. Because in the end, the brilliant minds that tackle these niche markets need brilliant tools.

About the Author: Roy Guillen