Our Services Journey and Our Promise

 Announcing the Next Step in our Enterprise Support & Deployment Services Journey

There is really nothing better than hearing firsthand about the successes and challenges our customers face and talk about how, together, we can help them accelerate their IT transformation.

When we announced at Dell EMC World in May that we would be aligning our services portfolio under the existing Dell brands of ProSupport and ProDeploy, I heard a clear message from customers all over the world.  “Your team provides us excellent service. You have great experts who help us solve issues and technologies that help us avoid problems. How will these changes impact your service programs and my organization?”

With that in mind, we knew we had our work cut out for us when we began the services transformation journey to integrate our portfolios.  Beginning today, we will be offering the ProSupport Enterprise Suite on Dell EMC products and solutions.

What does this mean to our customers?

  • Legacy EMC customers will be able to receive the same level of support they receive today under the unified ProSupport brand portfolio. For example, if you traditionally purchased the Premium support option on your legacy EMC products, you will now purchase ProSupport for Enterprise with the 4-hour mission critical option.
  • By leveraging existing processes, the same technical experts, and proactive technologies such as Secure Remote Services (ESRS) and MyService360, legacy EMC customers will continue to experience the same best-in-class service.
  • For the first time ever, legacy EMC customers will now have the option to select ProSupport Plus for Enterprise. This new level of support provides proactive and predictive support for mission critical systems.
  • For our legacy Dell customers, one impact you will notice is that we are rebranding the existing Technical Account Manager (TAM) to now be called a Technology Service Manager (TSM). There will be no change to the level of service that you are receiving from your TSM.

And there is nothing we take more seriously than our customers’ experience while helping them navigate their IT transformations from core to edge to cloud. Our global customer satisfaction score of 95% for ProSupport Plus for Enterprise shows we’re already on the right track.

Having said all this, I can tell you this is just the first step in our journey.  In our next phase we will be working hard to integrate our contact centers, consolidate our support contract management, and unifying our deployment services under a single brand for a single experience…but most of all…our promise is that we will never stop listening to our customers.

Our services transformation has one primary objective – to better enable customers to realize theirs. We do that by providing a seamless and consistent services engagement across all Dell EMC products, while continuing to evolve our best-in-class service features, processes and execution.

I look forward to connecting with customers during every step of our journey to help us adjust and optimize our plans to meet the evolving needs of customers and their unique IT transformations.

Doug Schmitt

About the Author: Doug Schmitt

Doug Schmitt is President of Dell Technologies Services. He is responsible for the company’s Consulting, Deployment, Support, Managed Services, Education Services and Asset Recovery businesses, comprised of approximately 60,000 direct and partner personnel operating in more than 170 countries. He serves on the board of Dell Technologies Political Action Committee and the executive board of the Technology Services Industry Association. Prior to Dell Technologies in 1997, he held various leadership roles at Sequent Computer Systems and in the banking sector. Doug holds degrees in Finance and Accounting from Oregon State and Portland State, respectively, and an MBA from the University of Portland.