Our EMC Federation Strategy

Today, information technology is being transformed by four powerful trends—namely, mobile, cloud computing, Big Data and social networking. This transformation of IT is accelerating, and for players in the IT industry, the future will be both extremely disruptive and incredibly rich in opportunity. Collectively, these four trends comprise what research firm IDC calls the “third platform” of IT (the first being mainframe, and the second being PC client/server) and critical to its success will be an underlying foundation of security, privacy and trust.

We are in the early days of the third platform and as such we believe second platform architectures will continue to be the foundation of the enterprise data center for many years to come. Our strategy is to continue to take market share here and lead our customers on their journey to the third platform. We see enormous opportunity to help enterprises transform both IT and their business. We will pursue this strategy through our unique federated business model that includes EMC Information Infrastructure (EMCii), VMware and Pivotal. Our businesses are strategically aligned yet each is focused on its core mission—developing the best technology and building the right partner ecosystem to best serve customers. This federated model allows us to offer best-of-breed, integrated, technology while preserving customers’ ability to choose and deploy products from other IT companies.

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