Organizing For Success

Reposted from Chuck’s blog entry on 10/26/2011:

Maybe I’m getting more cynical as my career progresses.  I’ve found I can take a quick look at just about any org chart, and quickly figure out how well the team is doing — or not — as the case might be.  

Most of the time, I’m pretty accurate.

Slide1The corollary is also true: if you want to deliver different results than you have in the past, you’re going to have to take a hard look at your organization: their mission, their structure, their skills — their very DNA.  

That’s what good leaders have to do to achieve results, I’ve found.

When it comes to IT transformation, the same is inevitably true — an organization produces what it’s organized to do.  

Organize around technology silos, and that’s what you’ll deliver.  Organize around large and complex projects, the same is true.  Ultimately, if you organize around delivering attractive and competitive IT services that your internal customers want to consume, and that’s what you’ll eventually deliver.  

And that’s exactly the mission that so many IT leaders are facing.

As part of our recent EMC IT Leadership Council, Jon Peirce delivered his experiences in leading just such an IT transformation.  Jon, as you might remember, is the key actor in many previous popular posts, such as “From Silos To ServicesFrom Silos To Services“.  During this presentation, Jon laid out the key concepts and insights better than I’ve ever seen him do.

If you’re an IT leader, or aspire to be one, you’ll likely want to invest the time in reading this very lengthy and detailed post…

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