Optimizing Your “My Products” Experience

The My Support >My Products area of Online Support provides a consolidated view of your EMC infrastructure with detailed product and configuration data, including proactive alerts for the following:

  • Technical  and security advisories
  • Warranty and/or maintenance contract expiration
  • Code level upgrade recommendations

However, to fully leverage this area of Online Support, it is essential all sites relevant to you be associated to your profile as access to a site determines what you see in Online Support.

To verify which sites are already associated to your profile go to the My Support>My Products area of Online Support,  locate the “View Products” field and then click on the down arrow to the right of this field.  You will see a list of sites (“My Sites”) currently associated to your profile.


If you observe a site is missing from your profile you can associate the site from the My Support>My Products area of Online Support by clicking on the “Add Sites” hyperlink in the lower right corner of your “My Sites” list:


Clicking the “Add Sites” button from the My Support >My Products area of Online Support will redirect you to the “My Sites Administration” area of Service Center where you can make associations to your profile.   

Click the “Add Site” button to add a new site to your profile:


The list of “available” sites within your hierarchy will display.  Highlight the Site ID you’re interested in > click the “Actions” button > click the “Add Site” option among the "Actions" button LOVs > Save.  The site will be associated to your profile upon saving.  


Note: The list of sites available to you is based on your association to your company’s hierarchy within our database. If you are not seeing the complete list of available sites, please send an e-mail to support@emc.com requesting a review of your hierarchy position. Include your username, first and last name, and if possible, information about the site you observed as missing.

Empowering yourself with visibility to site information is key to your success in Online Support.  Please make sure your profile contains associations to sites relevant to you.  

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