Opening your EMC Isilon Service Request: What does Support want to know?

Hello again Support Community!

Katie, Shane, and Dave here with some tips, tricks, and gotchas for opening an SR with Support and moving your issue to resolution quickly and accurately.

First off, what DOES Support need in order to start troubleshooting your issue? The best information to include:

1. A log gather from your affected Isilon cluster(s) How to collect node information, including log files

— Include your cluster name(s) and OneFS version(s) or the log file names in your issue description as well so we can locate your logs quickly and start troubleshooting with you!

Remember! If you have ESRS enabled please supply a valid serial number to have us gather the logs for you!

2. If any KB’s or other documentation/forum been followed are you able to supply a link or a quick outline of what was done to troubleshoot?

3. Serial number(s) of node(s) that are affected (if applicable)

4. Approximate number of clients being affected by this issue

5. How do your affected clients connect to the cluster? (i.e. SMB, NFS, hadoop, etc.)

— Please also note if your affected clients are all in one building, zone, etc. This will more than likely be relevant to troubleshooting.

6. Can you consistently reproduce this issue?

— If so, please be ready to do this with Support during your troubleshooting, preferably live on a webex.

7.If you have used the self service platform for log analysis please upload the resulting zip file as an attachment to the SR: Isilon’s Self-Service Platform (SSP), a troubleshooting and prevention utility is now available for customer use!

8. If non critical/business impacting, have you opened a forum discussion around the issue? This will not only get support but any customers that are active on the forum the ability to supply input, and responses.

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Also, have you looked at our customer troubleshooting guides? These guides, as they are published, will give you the opportunity to get the troubleshooting going and log your session for Support. In some cases, these may even solve your issue and there is no need for a Service Request!


In the event you still need Support assistance, we are no more than a click, chat, or phone call away. To create a service request, you have a few options:

1. Log in to your online account on and go to this page:

2. Engage an Isilon Support engineer directly through Live Chat Support:

3. Call in to EMC Isilon Support at 1-800-782-4362 (For a complete local country dial list, please see this document:

Happy Troubleshooting!

katie.pngKatie Johnson

Technical Support Engineer II/Administration Team Coach

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dave.pngDavid Sjogren

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