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We released the product groups feature in November 2014 (Link to my original blog). We heard from our customers that they were looking for an easier way to initially create product groups. Well, we listened and recently have made some changes to the way you can create a product group.

We wanted to have it similar to an online shopping experience where you can log into the site pick, choose, and essentially build their groups on the fly, while searching through the products that you are entitled to.

We urge you to try this new process!

Creating  / Adding Product Group

Product groups are tied to your own user account, and only you will be able to access this group.

In order to add a product group, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to My Profile (
  2. Click My Product Groups.
  3. Click the Add Product Group button.
  4. The Add Product Group form will display. Enter a name and description for your group.
  5. Now you are ready to find and select the products you want to add to your group. You can find products by using the following options:

    1. My Sites – This option will show all of the sites to which you are associated and the products within the sites.
    2. My Product Groups – After you have created 1 group, you can build groups on top of each other. This may be useful if you are a manager and want to see multiple groups at a high level, and also want the ability to drill down to specific subsets of products.
    3. Product ID – This option allows you to enter the product ID to search for the product.

Note: The list of sites is based your association to your company’s hierarchy within our database.

If you are not seeing the complete list of available sites, please send an e-mail to requesting a review of your hierarchy position. Include your username, first and last name, and if possible, information about the site you feel is missing.

For this example we will use option A.

6. Expand the sites to see and select the desired products. You can select as many products as you like. To filter the list, enter a product name or id to the Find Products search box above the list, then click the blue button.

download (1).png

7. Click Add To Group to “build” your product group

download (17).png

8. Repeat process until you have finished browsing your products, and click on Submit to save your group

For more details on Product Groups or any other online support features please visit the EMC Online Support Help Page

If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment!

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