OneFS 5.5.4 is now Generally Available!

I’m happy to announce that the latest version of OneFS®5.5.4 – is now Generally Available (GA). OneFS 5.5.2 is the previous GA release, with OneFS 5.5.3 remaining as an EA release.

Just to recap some of the highlights that originally appeared in 5.5.3:

Rolling Upgrades – OneFS now includes support for rolling upgrades, which allows specific versions of OneFS to be upgraded to a later maintenance-release version without requiring a full cluster reboot.

System Integrity – OneFS introduces enhancements to FlexProtect, with N+3:1—a new per-file, per-directory protection level that extends the N+2:1 protection level that was included in OneFS v5.5.0. With this new setting enabled, a cluster can withstand three simultaneous drive failures or a single node failure, which is important for small, dense clusters such as three-node 72NL clusters.

InsightIQ™ Preview Edition – OneFS now supports the Preview Edition of the InsightIQ virtual appliance. With InsightIQ, IT managers and application architects can monitor Isilon cluster activity through flexible, customizable chart views that can provide detailed information about cluster hardware, software and file-system and protocol operations. By transforming complicated data into relevant information that can be acted upon in a highly interactive and visual manner, InsightIQ allows users to optimize application workflows, correlate workflow and network events, and forecast future needs. InsightIQ requires an application license key.

72NL and 72000x – OneFS now supports both the Isilon IQ 72NL and Isilon IQ 72000x hardware platforms. The Isilon IQ 72NL node provides a capacity upgrade to the existing 4U NL product (Isilon IQ 36NL) in the NL-Series nearline storage system. Key features include 72 terabytes (TB) per 4U chassis—scalable up to 10.4 petabytes (PB) in a single file system, more than 80-percent capacity utilization and up to N+4 data protection. OneFS 5.5.4 specifically includes support for:

10 GigE network connectivity – The Isilon IQ 36NL, IQ 36000X, IQ 5400S, IQ 72NL, and IQ 72000X nodes can now be ordered with 10 GigE connectivity in copper or fiber (SFP+) interfaces.

SSD support – The Isilon IQ 10000X-SSD platform is the first Isilon product to adopt enterprise-class SSD drives alongside enterprise SATA drives to create a hybrid node. By adopting SSD technology for file-system metadata, the Isilon IQ 10000X-SSD platform can significantly accelerate namespace-intensive operations.

Aspera integration directly in OneFS – OneFS v5.5.4 is the first version of OneFS to ship with the Aspera Server for OneFS as part of the OneFS distribution, rather than requiring a separate installation of the Aspera Server. An Aspera license is still required.

Wow! I am constantly amazed at the rate of innovation coming out of our engineering team. Thanks to the many Isilon customers who adopted OneFS 5.5.3 and 5.5.4 quickly, enabling us to vet a wide variety of workflows and have confidence in recommending 5.5.4 as our highest quality release available.

About the Author: Nick Kirsch