One Million WiGig Units Shipped!

Dell is on the forefront of providing its customers with innovative ways to connect and interact with devices. Last February, we introduced the world’s first WiGig-based docking station, in partnership with Wilocity, the leading developer of 60 GHz multi-gigabit wireless chipsets. And today, we’re thrilled to announce that 1 million WiGig units have been shipped in the first year of production!

How does WiGig help all those people who have purchased these docking stations? Well, as Michael Brown recently put it, if “you spend any amount of time behind a desk, you probably curse the time wasted connecting and disconnecting your display, mouse, keyboard, USB storage, and other peripherals.”

WiGig eliminates that hassle for Dell customers who have come to rely on our ability to deliver high-speed wireless connectivity. The Dell Wireless Dock D5000 provides a best-in-class, untethered docking experience. Designed for use in offices, meeting rooms and classrooms, the Dell Wireless Dock offers quick and easy connectivity to displays, projectors, networks, speakers and other peripherals for unparalleled connectivity and convenience at a speed of up to 7 Gigabytes per second or up to 10 times faster than today’s  Wi-Fi networks.

The Dell Wireless Dock D5000 is compatible with Dell business Ultrabooks and workstations through Dell Connection Manager supporting WiGig and Wireless LAN settings. The multi-gigabit performance of the 802.11ad standard, operating in the 60 GHz band, greatly improves performance in dense Wi-Fi environments like offices and auditoriums.

Dell is proud to have pioneered WiGig in partnership with Wilocity. We believe it’s just the beginning for WiGig in both commercial and consumer applications and that demand for high-speed LAN connectivity will only continue to grow.

The Dell Wireless Dock D5000 is available in select countries for $269.99 US via Stay tuned later this year for more developments in enabling high-speed wireless connections through WiGig technology.

Dell products compatible with the Dell Wireless Dock 5000 include: