Think you’re cut out for an efficient edit workflow?

Why one media organization loves their video post-production workflow (And you should, too!)

Do you think your editing workflow is efficient? This question of efficient workflow around edit continues to come up in many of our conversations with media professionals. Edit workflows are a challenging landscape as in most environments there’s a lot to consider; codecs, network interfaces, switches, shared storage and many more – not to mention the never ending debate on which is the “best” edit solution – Avid , Adobe, or Apple.

Efficient edit made easy

While this edit debate continues and we wait for the emergence of the dominant edit platform, many media organizations are taking advantage of a key opportunity to drive efficient, flexible video editing workflows. Collaboration within your edit workflow is a great example of how a media organization can become much more efficient.

Recently we had the opportunity to talk with Martin de Bernardo the Manager of Technical Services at Sheridan College (the second largest art college in North America) about the challenges they faced in their media environment and the success they had in becoming more efficient. Specifically, Sheridan was looking to create unlimited access to media for their students to collaborate on projects between fellow classmates and instructors.

See why they love their workflow

When you watch to video you’ll understand how the team at Sheridan addressed their access and collaboration challenges in an environment with editing applications Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer. You’ll see why Sheridan is breaking new ground on how an educational institution uses shared storage and collaboration tools from MXFserver.

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To read more about Sheridan College’s Isilon solutions please click here.

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