[On-Demand Webinar] A Path to Modern PC Lifecycle Management: Windows 10 & Modern Provisioning

We all know that the way we work has changed dramatically. Employee needs are more global and complex than ever, and work is tackled using a range of devices. Organizations must provide the type of digital tools and technology that connect and support workers, wherever they are located – to encourage productivity – collaboration and engagement.

Windows 10 is part of the equation that is empowering the modern workforce. It has the flexibility to respond to changing requirements, superior security, better performance, maximum support and ease of use, and can be deployed in a mixed environment. However, the way organizations update, manage and stay current across the operating system has changed.

In this On-Demand Webinar, I take you step-by-step through making the transition to Windows 10 and Modern PC Management. You’ll learn such thing as:

  • Best practices for preparing and migrating to Windows 10.
  • Keeping Windows current and the Window 10 upgrade Model (Windows as a Service).
  • Specific details regarding Windows 7 End of Support.
  • Considerations for the approach and deployment for Modern Device Management.
  • The journey to a Modern Provisioning environment.
  • Dell Technologies’ holistic, proven approach for client deployment.

If your organization needs help transitioning to Windows 10 or creating a roadmap to Modernization, please connect with a Dell Technologies Services representative.

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About the Author: Jorge Pereira

As a Technology Consultant, Strategist and Program Manager Jorge has supported many organizations through the deployment and management of technology in order to achieve their business goals by assessing, developing and executing strategic plans that result in cost-effective business and information technology solutions. Jorge brings over 25 years of experience in IT strategic planning, systems integration, software development and deployment services. With a proven track record in the successful leadership of large technology projects, Jorge is passionate about collaborating with teams to drive the implementation of technology to meet business goals. Over the past few years, Jorge has focused on customers solutions in the areas of: End-User-Computing (EUC) Lifecycle Management Services, Modern Device Management, Windows 10 migrations and maintenance, Workspace Transformation including IT consumerization and BYOD strategies.