Of parts and partners (1 of 2)

When you think of Dell, what words pop into your mind?  Technology?  Simple?  Industry-standard?  Direct?

If you’re like many of our customers, one if the key reasons that you have worked with Dell over the years is the direct relationship that you have built up with a Dell sales representative.  With a single call or email, you have a point of entry into all of the Dell systems, products and organizations.  Conversely, they build up an understanding of your company, key contacts and technology needs.

But what if Dell isn’t your trusted technology vendor?  Or what if you like Dell but you prefer to work with a channel partner who can add an additional layer of value on top of what you get from Dell and your other hardware and software vendors?

Well, while Dell may have cut its teeth with its lauded direct model, it has made serious progress in the past few years plugging into the channel partner community.  In fact, back in August of 2010, CRN named Dell as Company of the Year in Midrange High-End Servers, a testament to the years of hard work of the Global Commercial Channel group.

One logical area where Dell can continue its efforts to better meet the needs of channel partners is in the OEM space.  Indeed, Dell OEM Solutions has worked with partners for years in an ad hoc manner, when the need presented itself.  Some OEM customers have looked for a partner not just to provide hardware but also things like logistics support overseas, higher than usual levels of financing, bend sheet metal around existing desktops or servers to create a kiosk, for example.  Also, some companies out there view large distributors as their preferred technology provider and look to them to make suggestions around the optimal product fit for particular situations.

And many of these distributors have direct relationships with other technology manufacturers beyond those with Dell and other system vendors, including makers of hard drives, processors, memory, NICs and other computing and data center hardware.  Over the years, these technology channel companies have become adept at pulling the best piece-parts of the technology for companies looking for unique solutions.

It is because of these reasons that Dell is in the process of building an OEM Partner Program.  The goal is to leverage the resources, expertise and capabilities of a variety of companies that can help better support existing Dell OEM customers and bring new partner companies into the fold.  It is currently in pilot stage but OEM customers and prospects are able today to leverage the expanding capabilities of Dell and its partner community to more efficiently and effectively bring to market their solutions.

If you are interested in more information on the OEM Partner Program, please send a note to OEM_Partner_Program@dell.com.

About the Author: Jeff Otchis