OEM Engineered Solutions: Addressing Unique Industry Needs

Dell Technologies is helping our OEM customers take advantage of cutting edge innovation -- and bring designed and validated turnkey solutions to market even faster. Here are some of their stories.

At Dell Technologies OEM Solutions, our OEM customers are at the very cutting edge of emerging technologies, responding quickly to changing market demands and customer needs. Together, we develop rapid and agile innovative solutions for a wide range of industries, everything from enabling remote work and near-instant database cloning through to customized, small form-factor servers that fit in an airplane overhead bin.

Connecting the dots

OEM customers are focusing on designing solutions that meet the unique technology needs of their customers, operating in vertical industries or with specific use case requirements. So how do we help our OEM customers bring these designed and validated turnkey solutions to market even faster? Likewise, how do we ensure that our Dell Technologies customers have access to the latest and greatest innovation?

Meeting end user needs with unique solutions

Dell Technologies OEM Engineered Solutions are OEM customer validated solutions, designed on Dell Technologies infrastructure, and made easily available to purchase as Dell Technologies integrated single price configurations. These turnkey solutions offer end users unique solutions tailor made for specific use cases, designed and delivered with the technology, services, support, and even financing of a Tier 1 infrastructure provider.

Designing for unique use cases

With over 35+ OEM Engineered Solutions, we’re helping meet additional end user needs in over 40 verticals, from industrial automation to telecom to defense. Our customers are designing solutions that are redefining the frontier of technology advancement, for use cases like AI, machine learning, big data, immersing cooling, augmented and virtual reality, cloud environments, 5G, computer vision, real time analytics and search, blockchain, telehealth, and cyber mobile network security.

Easy and flexible purchasing

Offering end users the ease of doing business they expect from Dell Technologies is critical for us. Offering a simple purchase experience, OEM Engineered Solutions can be sold either via our OEM customer or through Dell Technologies’ sales channels. For me, this joint GTM motion extends way beyond a product SKU. This is about bringing our OEM Solutions capabilities to the next level: Our OEM customer’s IP, powered by Dell Technologies and designed as an easy-to-purchase, turnkey solution. I view this as a win-win – good for both customer communities.

I want to share a few Americas examples I’m particularly excited about:

Deliver enterprise technology to the tactical edge

OEM customer, Tracewell Systems, has a suite of tactical solutions designed to deliver specialty and mission-critical solutions for strange and unusual places, all engineered on Dell Technologies server and storage infrastructure, powered by Intel. In terms of meeting end user requirements, just picture a short-depth server that fits in the back of a Humvee vehicle in a desert or within the confined space of a Navy ship in Pacific ocean. 

Transforming security and defence

Leading innovator, DIGISTOR also worked with us to bring a turkey solution to market, featuring its VaultDisk products, running on Dell Technologies mobile workstation and client products. The company’s robust solution allows for the quick, secure removal and reinsertion of non-volatile memory express (NVMe) SSD drives, again, an important security feature for military and defence customers.

Compressing database provisioning

The list continues! Actifio’s Database Cloning Appliance is a highly scalable copy data management platform designed on Dell EMC PowerFlex or Dell EMC VxRail, and powered by Actifio software. The result is an easy-to-run yet powerful platform, which allows customers to transform database test cycle rapidly, increase application quality, compress database provisioning and reduce production downtime, particularly in large environments. It is a must have solution for enterprise customers who are developing next generation software applications to support their digital transformation initiatives.

Reducing manufacturing waste

OEM customer Noodle.ai launched the world’s first enterprise AI data platform to help manufacturing businesses transform their operations to reduce waste and increase cost savings. Using edge compute, servers, storage, plus an AI platform designed by Noodle.ai on Dell Technologies infrastructure, powered by Intel, leading steel manufacturers, Big River Steel is now regarded as one of the world’s first intelligent steel mills, embedding AI and machine learning into its manufacturing processes.

Supporting BYOD programs

Our OEM customer, Hypori takes BYOD to the next level for our military & defence customers. The Company’s software application solution, engineered on Dell Technologies infrastructure, allows users to securely perform business tasks on their mobile devices while leaving zero footprint, a critical component for successful Bring Your Own Device to Work (BYOD) programs for our military across US and globally.

Simplifying logistic management through AI Active Analytics

And, a turnkey solution featuring Kinetica’s distributed, in-memory database product, accelerated by GPUs, and designed on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers can analyze 3.8 billion records of text and tweets from social media, filtered by location, in real time. This capability is ideal for many real-time data use cases such as Telecom 5G planning and transportation logistics. Imagine the power of real time smart data at your fingertip to assist with your critical business decision!

Making the complex simple

OEM Engineered Solutions now enable our OEM customers to quickly and easily accelerate their route to market, while providing a significant benefit to end users looking for unique solutions: With a single PO, they can purchase cutting edge solutions, backed up by Tier 1 Dell Technologies trusted secure supply chain, warranty & support for the consistent seamless purchase experience.

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About the Author: Kristin Bradfield

Kristin is the Regional Sales Director for Business Development and Acquisition Business for Dell Technologies OEM Solutions. Kristin leads new business activities and growth for the Americas OEM business, which includes a hunter sales team, embedded software team, OEM engineered solutions team, Edge specialist team, and lead development and OEM awareness team. She is on the Intel Board of Directors for the IoT group and is the lead working with Dell Technology Ventures to develop strategies for helping portfolio and emerging customers get to market. Kristin joined Dell in 1997 and held roles in global marketing and business development before moving into OEM field sales, where she held the role of Account Executive for 12 years. She previously held account management roles in several advertising agencies, many of which supported Dell as a customer. Kristin graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and minor in marketing.