OEM customers gain competitive advantage through engineers’ customization skills

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) gain competitive advantage by leveraging Dell’s unique customization services. Our OEM customers have access to Dell’s Custom Factory Integration portfolio which offers a framework of services from the standard to the customized. These services simplify manufacturing and deployments for OEMs and minimize the time they spend on pre-deployment activities by bringing these tasks into our facilities. Though most of our OEM customers know about Dell’s standard services such as asset tagging and imaging, what may be news to you are our global configuration services. When it comes to customization, Dell’s Configuration Services specialize in product customization with a dedicated team of relationship engineers that allow OEMs to truly differentiate their appliances and solutions in the marketplace.

By performing custom RAID configurations, specialized virtual disks, installing third-party pieces of hardware or proprietary application loads, Dell’s flexible design capabilities and automation not only brings value to your solution but also accelerates time to market. However, what good is speed without quality? By accomplishing the customization on the manufacturing line, Dell safeguards global standardization versus the variability introduced in third touches. Dell provides its OEM customer a unique finished product leaving the factory overseen by a team of people focused not only on the technology but also on the dedication and prioritization of the OEM business.

This summer Dell’s Configuration Services reorganized its engineering teams to concentrate on the rigors and requirements needed to build to the demand of OEMs’ appliances. A team of relationship-based, complex-solving engineers has been carved-out and dedicated to the OEM. Professional project engineers, selected from Configuration Services’ larger pool, for their experiences in solving intricate, and often times, distinctive requirements in the OEM space, deliver the exclusive customized solutions of the OEM customer. With an average of nine years of experience, multiple certifications and over a combined 1750 projects completed successfully, when a solution needs a specialized, ruggedized answer, this is the group you want providing it.

Dell OEM relationship engineers focus primarily on developing the tailored made-to-order solutions while providing oversight on the more transactional solutions. Their value shows every day from solving the universal challenges of capturing a Media Access Control (MAC) address from multiple Network Interface Cards (NICs), to meeting those more specialized industry requirements such as using those same MAC addresses on specialized asset tags for deployment purposes. Through the rigorous application of Dell’s proven methodology, OEM engineers deliver a consistent client-oriented experience. They work directly with the OEM technical representative to quickly and thoroughly provide the precise, detailed answer to the complex, mechanical question—saving time and eliminating any issues.

Dell OEM engineers receive global training to ensure a cross-functional team member who’s skilled to solely complete a customer’s international project regardless of region. For large time-based OEM projects, each engineer trains to work in conjunction with worldwide counterparts for parallel processing to maximize speed without sacrificing global consistency. The team has two dedicated engineers confirming workflow through vigilant project monitoring while another drives comprehensive consistency. Though the OEM relationship engineers are just one part and do not own the end-to-end customer relationship, they do own making that relationship better. Together the OEM relationship engineering team stands ready to help our OEM customers so that they can focus on their customers.

About the Author: George Francis IV