Nurturing Organic Innovation

John Roese, Chief Technology Officer, and Vic Bhagat, Chief Information Officer, sit down with Calvin Smith, Principal Manager, Global Innovation & Marketing, to talk about the current state of organic innovation at EMC.

Innovation at the EMC Centers of Excellence

The EMC Centers of Excellence are an “incredible fabric of global brains” – a network of offices around the world focused on expanding EMC’s innovation footprint. John posits how innovative ideas coming out of the developing world are ultimately translating into solutions that address problems in the developed market in different ways and at a different scale than we ever thought possible.

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Internal Innovation vs. External Innovation

The global innovation ecosystem involves both internal innovation and external innovation. One example of a nontraditional model is the EMC Open Innovation Lab, which engages customers and partners in prototyping solutions. Vic asks rhetorically, “why should we have to helicopter in talent when we have local talent that understands the local market?” and goes on to passionately express how service model innovation offers a huge benefit.

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Redefining Enterprise IT

The IT paradigm is changing from one defined by individual platform performance to one defined by the end user experience. The consumerization of IT will lead to embracing technology that you don’t see, but that just enables you to be productive and effective as a business user. In this clip, John lays out the consequences of this shift.

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To watch the full video discussion including a conversation around Big Data, visit the Innovation Network, one of several EMC online communities.

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