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In an ongoing effort to enable our customers to get easy access to the most valuable support content available, we’ve recently launched a new initiative that pulls top-rated product support content together in one place for some of our most widely-used products. Every month, Dell EMC’s Customer Service team gathers leading support topics regarding a wide variety of products and provides helpful content on the Dell EMC Community Network (DECN) to enable you to get proactive about troubleshooting common technical challenges, and more. These Top Services Topics include content pulled from popular Knowledge Base articles, DECN product support forum posts, troubleshooting guides, Online Support searches, Ask the Expert events, and more.

Where Can You Find Top Services Topics?

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To locate trending support topics for your product, you can search the DECN (search for “Top Services Topics”), visit the Online Support product pages or simply reference the table below which reflects all Top Services Topic resources currently available by product. Click on the title of any article to open up a more detailed document for each topic. You can also download the SolVe Desktop Tool and browse for Top Service Topics for your products as well. Want to stay updated when new service topics are added for your products? Simply click “Follow” on the Top Services Topic page of your choice and you’ll be automatically updated via email notification when new topics are published monthly. You’ll also find Top Services Topics shared on Twitter @DellEMCsupport, and we encourage you to follow us there for daily tech tips, support videos, Ask the Expert events, and more.

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Want to learn more about Top Services Topics? The “Connect with Customer Service” community is now featuring a quick byte video highlighting some of the benefits of these helpful new resources. This latest video episode shares how Top Services Topics enable our customers to find relevant support content and resources faster and more efficiently.

Give Us Your Feedback

Enabling our customers to gather insightful, helpful support content easily, quickly, and on demand, enables you to optimize your product experience have our most valued services content at your fingertips. We’ll be updating Top Services Topics for the products listed above on a monthly basis, and will be rolling out this feature for additional products throughout 2017.

We value your feedback on this program. So if you have any comments or thoughts regarding how we might improve our Top Services Topics for your products, please comment below and let us know!

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