Now on YouTube: Cool Commands videos

If you’ve been tuning in to the Cluster Talk audio podcast, you’ll know that there’s a segment each episode called “Cool Commands” where they talk about a OneFS command and its application. As an extension of this, we’ve created a video-based version of Cool Commands that focuses on how to find out general or specific information or complete certain tasks.

The first episode describes how to find basic cluster health and job information using commands like isi status and isi job status. In the video, you’ll see the command syntax and we’ll highlight important parts of the output. You’ll also learn how to interpret the output to identify potential issues that might affect your cluster’s performance. The second and third episodes describe how to troubleshoot file access issues on Windows and UNIX clients, respectively. These episodes include a great analogy for how permissions work and step by step troubleshooting to resolve a file access issue.

In future episodes, we’ll describe how to change permissions on UNIX files and folders using chmod and changing the ownership of UNIX files and folders using chown. All the Cool Commands episodes are published on the Isilon Support playlist on EMC’s YouTube Channel. If you have any questions about the videos or suggestions for future episodes, we’d love to hear from you.

Cool Commands Episodes

Bookmark the Isilon Support playlist and check out the Cool Commands videos, then let us know what you think. If you have feedback for us about this or any other Isilon technical content, email us at And thank you!

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