Now available – Red Hat Inktank Ceph Enterprise v1.2

The next code drop from Red Hat Inktank Ceph (the OpenStack storage darling) is here and there is some good stuff in this release. Dell’s private cloud solutions have included Inktank Ceph for quite some time and we are excited to bring the new capabilities in Ceph Enterprise v1.2 to our customer base. Here is the lowdown on this new release in case you missed the recent announcements.

With Red Hat Inktank Ceph Enterprise v1.2 users can define pools for storing data densely and cost-effectively, as well as create caching pools that deliver high-performance. Cache Tiering in Ceph Enterprise v1.2 supports both hot-to-cold and cold-to-hot management of data. In addition to Cache Tiering, Ceph now supports Erasure Coding and provides new management capabilities for handling storage devices and policies for storage pools. The new erasure encoded storage pools provide enterprise-scale durability that can lower raw capacity requirements by up to forty percent. Ceph Enterprise v1.2 gives users new flexibility and options to create the right blend of price and performance tailored to their specific needs.

The management platform (called Calamari) in Ceph Enterprise provides substantial new management functionality, including the ability to view and modify cluster settings, modify Ceph Object Storage Daemon (OSD) settings by host, create and modify pool settings and view cluster logs.

From the OSD interface, users can see a list of Ceph hosts and each Ceph OSD running on the host. Color-coded icons provide a high-level overview of an OSD’s status as depicted in the image below, and users can open an OSD host interface that displays the status of each OSD. The user can reweight OSDs, issue commands, repair OSDs and view/modify configuration details:

Here at Dell we are thrilled to continue and grow our collaboration with the Inktank team now that they are part of Red Hat. We are in the midst of refreshing our co-engineered private cloud solutions powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and will pick up these new Inktank Ceph capabilities in our next solution release – which is imminent. Ceph is proving itself every day with Dell customers and our customers are not shy about expressing the benefits of using Ceph in demanding fast paced and advanced IT environments. Learn more about our customer’s success with Ceph in this write up and in the following video of a session presentation from the last OpenStack Summit event. 

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