Next Gen I/O from NextIO

I got the pleasure of visiting a new OEM customer yesterday when Corbin Moore and I delivered a cutting edge PCIe chassis from our DCS Lab to their lab for qualification. Corbin Moore, Business Development Manager for the Dell OEM Group, did most of the hard labor while I got to act as the cameraman. Fortunately, both the DCS labs and the NextIO labs were here in Austin and the drive in the hot, muggy 108 degree weather was relatively short.

NextIO creates and sells virtualized IO capabilities where storage and GPGPU performance is critical in HPCC and other performance cloud environments. Bob Shaw, application engineer for NextIO, shared the basic idea behind how they are using the new Dell DCS C410x PCIe chassis in the solutions they are developing and marketing.

This is a classic example of why I love my job. I get to visit some of the most technically advanced thinkers in the computing industry and learn about what the future holds for technology.

About the Author: Franklin Flint