New XtremIO Upgrade Delivers “Great Xpectations”

When EMC launched XtremIO in November 2013, the big message was to “Xpect More” from all-flash arrays. Performance gains are table stakes in this arena and we urge our customers to look beyond an IOPS boost gained with flash to more important things like consistent and predictable performance (not just peak), to inline and always-on data services (vs. post-processing), and to a groundbreaking purpose-built architecture (vs. recycling the design principles of disk arrays).

Today, we are back, announcing major enhancements and innovations to XtremIO – delivered on existing XtremIO arrays, delivered at no extra cost to customers, and delivered in conjunction with substantial performance improvements.  XtremIO now delivers more scale, more capabilities, and more support for consolidated, virtualized, and performance-hungry workloads.

Here are just a few of the things you now get with XtremIO:

  • More Security – Data at Rest Encryption – 100% inline
  • More Capacity – Compression – 100% inline
  • More Utility – Agile Writeable Snapshots – 100% space efficient
  • More Performance – Across the board improvements
  • More Scale – Up to 12 N-Way active controllers
  • More Accessibility – New Starter XtremIO arrays at lower cost

To put this into context of what this means for EMC customers…

Consider a customer that purchased an XtremIO array, and in less than a year EMC is giving – at no extra charge – up to 4X the capacity (through inline compression) and 2X the performance (through software improvements).

Imagine you bought a car that does 0-60MPH in 4 seconds, and gets 25 miles per gallon.  What we’ve done with XtremIO is analogous to taking that car in for its first annual checkup where it gets a FREE tune up and suddenly goes 0-60MPH in 2 seconds, while returning 50MPG.  Oh, and for kicks it now also has (for free still) navigation, massaging seats, a premium sound system, and other amenities. This is what XtremIO has accomplished. And, we did this because of XtremIO’s scale-out, software centric architecture.

We are and will continue to deliver on the promise we made in November that customers can indeed Xpect More with XtremIO.

EMC is also standing behind XtremIO by announcing new business programs – aptly named, “Xpect More”.  Xpect More delivers the best long-term TCO because XtremIO’s scale-out technology and flash endurance allow the arrays to remain useful well beyond the typical storage array lifecycle, and we’re making it safe and economical to keep them in service.

I’m extremely pleased to share that, while XtremIO was not the first all-flash array to market, it is the fastest-growing. EMC also believes XtremIO to be the fastest-growing storage array in history, having surpassed $100 million in demand within six-months of product availability (between November 2013 and May 2014). That is a testament to the incredible value and transformational experience XtremIO customers achieve.

And the best is yet to come.  XtremIO is just beginning to show customers what “Xpect More” means, and what is possible with our groundbreaking all-flash architecture.

About the Author: CJ Desai