New Social TV Show: “I’ll Take Mind-Blowing Technologies for $1,000 … Alex”

Today launches the second installment of At The Intersection: Cloud Meets Big Data hosted by Jeopardy Legend Ken Jennings. “At The Intersection” is a new breed of Social TV show that explores trailblazing new technologies and the fascinating stories of how they come to life in business and society.

Today’s episode features NYSE Technologies, a pioneer of “community cloud” services for the global financial market.  Bringing it to life, TD Ameritrade chronicles their experience with the service. The multi-tenant community cloud is separate from the Internet, making it not only millisecond fast, but highly secure.  What NYSE Technologies is delivering as a community cloud service, individual companies would have to spend multi-millions of dollars annually to build and manage their own in-house equivalent.

Since day one, stock trading on global exchanges has always been about watching for the first signs of a trend, and putting in your buy/sell order before anyone else. Most often, whoever shouted the loudest had the best chance of making their trades first. Fast forward to today: the influx of electronic transactions have led to new technology advancements like this that not only make trading more efficient and faster, but also dramatically level the playing field for end users large and small.

Hear NYSE Technologies and TD Ameritrade tell their story here:

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About the Author: Jonathan Martin