New VMAX Introduces a New Category of IT – Enterprise Data Service Platform

Today EMC announced the highly anticipated VMAX3 enterprise data service platform family. When we began to engineer our “new” VMAX, we asked our customers what their IT environments required, how were they using IT and what challenges did they face?  The number one thing we heard was the need for the enterprise to be more agile. They wanted EMC to help them achieve the needed flexibility to meet the changing needs of the business, while still delivering the control and trust which is the hallmark of VMAX. So we asked ourselves: how could we enable IT to be the best hybrid cloud provider?

The answer led the VMAX team to develop a product which defines a new category of IT – the Enterprise Data Service Platform. VMAX3 enables IT to control where to best run specific workloads within the data center or the public cloud. As a result, IT can manage Storage-as-a Service through predictable service levels at hybrid cloud scale.

What do we mean when we say “hybrid cloud scale?” It’s a workload consolidation monster – delivering unprecedented performance, capacity, and flash density. We’re talking raw processing power of up to 384 Intel Ivy Bridge cores, 16TB of cache, and up to 6.3 million IOPS, as well as capacity scale up to 5760 drives and Flash density of 640TB per floor tile.

VMAX3 also offers a revolutionary approach to management that not only sets a new enterprise standard for ease of provisioning, it proactively responds to changing business needs and workloads and ensures that service levels are met. If the business needs of a workload change, the service level of an application can be easily promoted or demoted as needed. Customers can therefore hyper-consolidate existing and emerging applications (think 100s to even tens of thousands of virtual machines) rapidly and simply, all while delivering predictable service levels. This revolutionary approach is delivered via innovations within the core operating software on VMAX3 and enabled through a simple, intuitive, single-click provisioning interface.

With VMAX3, customers can quickly monitor and analyze service level performance across their infrastructure, enabling them to conduct what-if scenarios to view the performance of a workload on another VMAX in their datacenter. This eliminates the risk of application performance being impacted by workload rebalancing, application mobility and technology refreshes.

UnI_SLO_provisiong_review_add_check_passToday, we are also announcing the industry’s first converged storage hypervisor and operating system, HYPERMAX OS. VMAX3 will enable customers to embed data services like file, replication, data mobility and backup directly on the array, delivering new levels of efficiency to enterprise workloads.  HYPERMAX OS consolidation, together with the power, density, and energy efficiency of VMAX3, helps customers improve datacenter footprint and energy requirements, leading to more cost-effective IT. The HYPERMAX operating system is purpose-built to run on a new Dynamic Virtual Matrix architecture to support the hybrid cloud by allocating resources on-demand to meet the performance requirements of dynamic mixed workloads.


Underlying all of these exciting advancements and innovations, VMAX3 continues its tradition of delivering the trust and control that users have come to know and rely on, offering greater than “six nines” availability. The three new VMAX3 models, the 100K, 200K and 400K, are the foundation of the agile data center infrastructure for customers of any size. Coupled with EMC’s new VNX, announced in September 2013, and the new Isilon, XtremIO and ProtectPoint solutions also announced today, EMC has the most robust lineup of storage and data protection solutions in the industry.

Finally, customers asked us for help moving data between data centers and the public cloud to get lower storage TCO. Today we are also announcing the acquisition of TwinStrata, Inc. and our plan to embed its advanced cloud tiering technology as a new data service directly into HYPERMAX for an additional fee. Embedding this technology will allow customers to tier data between a private and a public cloud as well as within clouds. Ultimately this means lower TCO for off premise storage capacity expansion, data protection, cloud-to-cloud mobility and disaster recovery.  Our acquisition of TwinStrata reinforces our promise to our customers to deliver the best hybrid cloud solution in the industry.

Interested in learning more about today’s announcement? Read the press release here.

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About the Author: Fidelma Russo