A New Generation of Managed Security Services for Advanced Cyber Defense

Enterprises in nearly every industry are becoming more aware that their basic perimeter- and signature-based security tools aren’t doing enough to keep malware and sophisticated attackers at bay. Some have learned the hard way through cyber breaches that have not just compromised their defenses, but also their faith in the capabilities of their own security programs. Smaller organizations with fewer resources especially, are realizing they can no longer go it alone in defending their extended enterprises from attack.

RSA and several partners including marquee global services partner Verizon Enterprise Solutions, believe they have an answer, based on a newly announced program to deliver a new generation of advanced security monitoring solutions – as fully managed services. These new services tap into RSA’s advanced intelligence-driven Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities for enterprises to accelerate the detection, investigation, remediation, and management of security incidents and vulnerabilities.

Verizon, along with MSSPs Foreground Security and DataShield Consulting in the U.S. and Communication Valley Reply in Europe, will be the first to offer RSA’s advanced SOC capabilities to enterprise customers around the world.

Everybody knows that today’s advanced threats are not slowing down.  Organizations are realizing that getting to that next level of incident detection and management to help address evolving threats is far from trivial.  Implementing the right resources, tools, and people is a big hurdle and big investment to overcome.  Up until now, managed security services have been limited, mostly by technology capabilities, in the kind of threat visibility that’s required to spot the faint signals of an advanced attacker that quietly attempts to gain a foothold into a vigilant, yet unprepared enterprise.

MSP Pulse Pic

The RSA Managed Security Partner program is designed to provide a technology platform and accompanying professional services and training derived from RSA’s industry-leading portfolio – including RSA Security Analytics and the RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice – to enable its partners to offer fully managed security and critical incident response services to customers.  The great thing about RSA’s managed security partners is that they represent and reach a diverse base of enterprises in multiple global regions and across various industry sectors. This means they are capable of offering flexible and modular deployment options designed so that services can be sized and adjusted based on the particular needs of each individual customer.  So whether a customer wants an MSSP to supplement the efforts of its own SOC with incident response and management capabilities, real-time threat intelligence or whether it needs help with security monitoring via deep packet inspection, these select MSSPs will have a variety of proven offerings to fit the need.

RSA and its managed security partners are leading the way to make these critical capabilities for an intelligence-driven security strategy available to a broader set of customers that are struggling to defend their enterprises in this era of advanced and targeted attacks.

About the Author: David Mitchell

David Mitchell has three decades of successful marketing and product management experience for technology and security companies around the world. His product specialties include cybersecurity, hyper-converged, cloud technologies, and data analytics solutions. David has been with Dell Technologies since 2011. His current role is Product Consultant specializing in Cybersecurity solutions. A firm believer in the power of design thinking and customer perspective, David regularly enjoys creating music, watching the latest binge, and mountain biking when he gets the chance.