New EMC SourceOne Goes Global To Help Organizations Drowning In Data

The truth is, most companies are drowning in unstructured data. Industry experts say that unstructured data now accounts for 70 – 80% of all new data growth, requiring a transformational archiving strategy.  Archiving email is a good start, but a truly comprehensive archiving strategy goes beyond email management and addresses critical storage growth challenges presented by all forms of unstructured content, wherever it resides.

Today, EMC is announcing SourceOne 7.1 – an archiving solution capable of spanning multiple geographies with a single archive instance, and new abilities to support global data centers and archive storage.  By dramatically enhancing cloud, application and storage support, the new SourceOne product helps companies to seamlessly manage archives – globally and locally.  SourceOne 7.1 also supports the latest Microsoft software solutions including Exchange 2013, Outlook 2013 and SharePoint 2013.

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EMC SourceOne is an archiving family of products and solutions that allows organizations to manage the corporate information lifecycle, according to consistent policies based on the content’s business value.  SourceOne supports all leading forms of unstructured data including email, files and Microsoft SharePoint.

Support for Global Data Centers

Say, for example, your company has multiple data centers located in different countries.   Archive processes are performed locally for performance reasons and to meet in-country compliance regulations.  The typical practice is to install a separate archive instance in each country, but with SourceOne 7.1 and a new feature called Worker Affinity, you can maintain local archive processing but keep a single instance of SourceOne for simplified and global management and control.

Support for Global Archive Storage

S1 second slideFor globally accessible archive storage, SourceOne 7.1 introduces support for the EMC Atmos® RESTful API.  Atmos is an object-based cloud storage platform that offers truly amazing capabilities for scalability and remote access.  With Atmos, SourceOne can reduce archive storage cost and provide new capabilities for remote access to archive data:

  • Global organizations using SourceOne 7.1 can store archive data directly to an Atmos-based Private Cloud or to an Atmos-based Public Service Provider – either way they enjoy the cost savings and ease of management provided only by Atmos.
  • Organizations using Microsoft SharePoint can manage storage growth when they externalize blob data using SharePoint’s Remote Blob Support (RBS).  SourceOne 7.1 improves its SharePoint RBS support with support for Atmos REST API and with the introduction of compression and encryption to improve storage efficiency and security.

The Total Data Protection Package

For those organizations drowning in a sea of data, SourceOne 7.1 is a much needed life vest. We believe in the importance of a total data protection strategy and are committed to helping customers realize it –as evidenced by the new features we announced today. The SourceOne enterprise archive solution is a powerful, yet flexible platform that can easily adapt to individual customer needs – single-site or multi-site, spanning the globe.

About the Author: Peter Smails