New EMC Native Hybrid Cloud Developer Platform Ready to Use in as Few as Two Days

Today, EMC is announcing Native Hybrid Cloud, a turnkey, Pivotal Cloud Foundry Converged Platform that accelerates and simplifies cloud-native application development and deployment.  It reduces the weeks and months once needed to push out new applications and features to just days or hours. With Native Hybrid Cloud, organizations gain the agility they need to accelerate business outcomes that can differentiate their organization, increase customer loyalty and grow revenue.

Listen to what Chad Sakac of EMC, James Watters at Pivotal, and Kevin Reid of Virtustream have to say about the introduction Native Hybrid Cloud.

For the new age of digital-driven customers, user experience trumps all. Applications are now the new face of business. They need to be available anytime, anywhere and on any device while providing real-time updates and intelligent interactions. This necessitates embracing new development models for delivering and iterating cloud-native applications, enabling faster innovation and response to business demands.

Many enterprises are struggling to make the transition to this model because planning, designing and building a custom platform for cloud-native applications can be a complex project – too long for customers who need a solution to address immediate business needs and too costly to maintain and enhance. That is why EMC is introducing Native Hybrid Cloud – a fully engineered Converged Platform – to accelerate the development and deployment of cloud-native applications and deliver a turnkey Pivotal Cloud Foundry developer experience.


The Native Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service with Pivotal Cloud Foundry software can be deployed in as little as two days after system delivery. This can be up to 93% faster time to code compared to a build your own* approach. It also connects developers to IT ops to accelerate the delivery of cloud native applications.  With the Native Hybrid Cloud, applications can be pushed out as soon as code is written seamlessly and consistently.

And, it not only reduces the time and effort to develop and deploy new applications, but it streamlines the conversion of traditional apps to cloud native.

Native Hybrid Cloud delivers an on-premises platform to provide the performance, security and data sovereignty required to meet business demands. It also brokers the provisioning of applications off-premises to Virtustream for customers seeking a hosted option – all with the same seamless turnkey developer experience. Native Hybrid Cloud accelerates and simplifies application development and offers an add-on option that produces a comprehensive toolkit for data scientists and engineers to perform big data analytics.

Native Hybrid Cloud integrates Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s cloud-native platform with

VMware Vsphere or OpenStack (and in the future VMware Photon) with VCE hyper-converged VxRack System 1000 offerings. Selecting the vSphere option enables customers to maximize compatibility with existing VMware investments while Photon or Openstack optimize scalability and efficiency for cloud native applications.

With Native Hybrid Cloud, developers can simply build and iterate their code, with instant access to application services and always-on data protection while IT Operations gains full visibility and control through built-in monitoring and reporting. This is one of the hardest parts of achieving a true DevOps experience – and it’s fully packaged for customers into an engineered platform. Supported end to end by EMC with upgrades and single contact support, Native Hybrid Cloud reduces the cost, time and complexity associated with building your own cloud-native platform.

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*Source –   Compared to equivalent environment

About the Author: Peter Cutts

Peter Cutts is the Senior Vice President of Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Platforms within the Converged Platforms and Solutions Division. He has global responsibility for the strategy and execution of our Hybrid Cloud Platforms portfolio, which enables business and IT transformation and accelerates time to value for our customers and partners. Leveraging the power of Dell EMC converged and hyper-converged engineered systems, the Hybrid Cloud Platforms organization focuses on delivering the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, Native Hybrid Cloud, Analytic Insights Module, and the Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack.