New EMC Isilon support content for May 2015

Check out new EMC Isilon customer support content published in the month of May. Each month I’ll post a summary of newly published content for Isilon customers, as well as the top 10 most viewed knowledgebase articles.

New Isilon support content

Here are new customer support content that was published in May 2015. For example, you’ll find new Isilon Community articles about OneFS target code, NFS improvements, and L3 cache best practices. We also have a new technical demo video about the Superna application for disaster recovery, and a new data science white paper.



ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 3
Isilon Community (ECN) Uptime Info Hub EMC Technical Advisories (ETAs) for Isilon OneFS
Isilon Community (ECN) Uptime Info Hub OneFS L3 Cache Performance and Best Practices
Isilon Community (ECN) Uptime Info Hub Upgrading to OneFS Target Code
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog OneFS Job Engine & Distributed Work Allocation
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog NFS Improvements in OneFS 7.2
White Paper Data Lakes for Data Science: Integrating Analytics Tools with Shared Infrastructure for Big Data
Video Technical Demo: Superna Eyeglass for Isilon Version 1.2

Most viewed knowledgebase (KB) articles

  1. Product Impacts of Upcoming Leap Second UTC adjustment on June 30th 2015 (197322)
  2. ETA 199379: UPDATE: Isilon OneFS: Microsoft security update MS15-027 may cause data to be unavailable to SMB clients that are authenticated to Isilon clusters through an Active Directory server that relies on the NTLM authentication protocol (199379)
  3. ESA-2014-146 (193304)
  4. OneFS SMB and Authentication Rollup Patches (196928)
  5. UPDATE: ETA 193819: EMC Isilon nodes: Mars-K+ drives may stop responding and be automatically smartfailed from Isilon nodes (193819)
  6. OneFS: Best practices for NFS client settings (90041)
  7. OneFS: How to reset the CELOG database and clear all historical events (16586)
  8. OneFS: How to safely shut down an Isilon cluster prior to a scheduled power outage (16529)
  9. ETA 200097: Isilon OneFS – and – Attempts to upgrade SSD drive firmware using an Isilon Drive Support Package may result in data loss on clusters that have the L3 cache feature enabled (200097)
  10. OneFS: How to reimage a node using a USB flash drive (16582)

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