New EMC Isilon support content for March and April 2015

I took a short hiatus last month from posting about new content in March. I’m making up for it in this post, which includes new EMC Isilon customer support content for both March and April. Each month I’ll post a summary of newly published content for Isilon customers, as well as the top 10 most viewed knowledgebase articles.

New Isilon support content

Here are new customer support documents that were published in March and April 2015. For example, you’ll find new Info Hubs on the Isilon Community and new KB articles. Login to the EMC Online Support site is required for all content except Isilon Community content and videos.



ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 2
Isilon Community (ECN) Info Hub OneFS Upgrades
Isilon Community (ECN) Info Hub OneFS 6.5 Upgrade
Isilon Community (ECN) Info Hub SyncIQ
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog SmartPools Storage Pool Changes and New Files
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog Routing and Isilon, how to get from A to B and back again
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog Tiering Snapshots
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog SmartPools Tiering and Legacy File Pool Policies
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog SmartDedupe – Behind the Curtain
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog OneFS Hardware Fault Tolerance
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog Hacker How-To Series: Cluster Capacity
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog OneFS SmartPools – Storage Pools Taxonomy
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog Exploring OneFS Storage Protection Overhead
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog OneFS Job Engine Job Progress Reporting
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog OneFS Node and SSD Compatibility
Flowchart Isilon OneFS Upgrade Process Flowchart
Guides Business Data Lake Protection 1.0 Integration Guide 
KB Article OneFS SMB and Authentication Rollup Patches (196928)
KB Article Editing File Pool policies in gives an error “Invalid storage pool” (191356)
KB Article Patches to provide pre-upgrade configuration checks for OneFS 6.5.4 and – upgrades to OneFS 7.0 or 7.1 (88716)
KB Article ETA 193819: EMC Isilon nodes: Mars-K+ drives may stop responding and be automatically smartfailed from Isilon nodes (193819)
KB Article OneFS SNMP monitoring with Nagios fails when using an Isilon-specific Nagios configuration file (199833)
KB Article EMC Isilon InsightIQ Security Vulnerability for GNU C Library Buffer Overflow (GHOST) Vulnerability (197620)
White Paper Isilon External Network Connectivity Guide – Routing, Network Topologies, and Best Practices for SmartConnect 
Release Notes (Updated) OneFS 7.1.1 MR Release Notes 
Release Notes (Updated) OneFS 7.2.0 MR Release Notes 
Release Notes (Updated) OneFS 7.2.0 Release Notes 

Most viewed knowledgebase (KB) articles

Check out April’s top 10 most viewed KB articles.

  1. OneFS SMB and Authentication Rollup Patch (196928)
  2. OneFS SMB and Authentication Rollup Patch (174372)
  3. OneFS: How to safely shut down an Isilon cluster prior to a scheduled power outage (16529)
  4. Best practices for NFS client settings (90041)
  5. OneFS SMB and Authentication Rollup Patch (172623)
  6. How to configure Windows DNS for SmartConnect zone (183530)
  7. How to reset the CELOG database and clear all historical events (16586)
  8. How to create SPN accounts to allow Kerberos authentication using SmartConnect DNS (16528)
  9. How to create a bootable image (16691)
  10. How to reimage a node using a USB flash drive (16582)

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