New EMC InfoArchive: Leave No Application Data Behind

Data is essential to the success of every business. It always has been and always will be. But, when it comes to data management, it’s evident that enterprises that treat data as a core asset are data-driven, as opposed to merely being data-dependent. Enterprises that optimize their business by driving insight from their data gain a competitive advantage, opposed to those that simply consider data as something they need to preserve.

Unlock Application Data and Maximize Information Value

Organizations need the proper tools in order to unlock data from legacy and production applications, retain it with compliance, and easily resurface that data to new applications, business units, and analytics. This is no easy feat.

But today, I’m excited to announce a new class of archiving solutions to reduce and optimize storage infrastructure costs, while ensuring compliance and delivering historic context.

New EMC InfoArchive 3.2

EMC InfoArchive 3.2, a new class of archiving solutions that transform the way IT executives manage a portfolio of legacy and active applications.

InfoArchive unlocks data of all types – structured and unstructured – trapped in ECD Pulse
applications, helping reduce costs by quickly decommissioning outdated systems, containing the overhead of data-hungry applications and putting application data to work for the business. At the same time, InfoArchive ensures compliance of regulated and sensitive data via robust retention capabilities with a fully auditable chain-of-custody.

What does this all mean?

By unlocking application data, organizations can now recognize the maximum value of that data. Unlike other vendors who simply extract and store, InfoArchive revives the data by “unlocking” it from functional applications (i.e. Finance, Sales, EMRs) and making it available to more people. As a result, data is accessible to other applications, and can be analyzed via exposure to HDFS providing a rich source of historical context for the business. Now, that’s exciting.

New EMC Clinical Archiving

EMC Clinical Archiving is built on InfoArchive specifically designed for hospitals and healthcare systems to cost-effectively decommission obsolete clinical systems. The solution manages structured and unstructured patient information from multiple legacy applications and integrates with the EMR/EHR to give clinicians seamless access to the complete patient record. The money saved by eliminating the costs of legacy systems can be re-invested in health IT innovation that improves patient care and process improvement.

Integration with Isilon

The importance of Big Data is being driven by the growth of data from traditional and modern applications, sensors and intelligent devices along with masses of new public data such as social media feeds. The Federation Business Data Lake Solution makes it easy to deploy a Business Data Lake. And as a part of the Data Lake foundation, InfoArchive is integrated with Isilon enabling the surfacing of data, creating a compliant data source for Big Data and Data Lakes via HDFS.

This combined solution enables enterprises to:

  • Unlock the value of all data types for Big Data
  • Provide compliance for valuable regulated application data
  • Reuse data for new applications and cloud based solutions
  • Safeguard and manage data of all types easily and efficiently
  • And meet information governance requirements

How are you addressing your application data?

About the Author: Bryant Bell