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The EMC Online Support portal provides multiple ways for you to find and view content. In this article, we will navigate through documentation to quickly find the specific document that you need. Searching for documentation through Online Support using the “Support by Products” page is an effective way to find the documentation for your product. Below we will provide some valuable tips to make your documentation experience easy and efficient.

Start off by selecting the “Support by Product” tab. If you are on, you can hover over the “Support” tab, then select “Support by Product” to go directly there.

If you are already on EMC Online Support, click the “Support by Product” tab using the sub-navigation tabs for this site. support bar.PNG.pngOn the “Support by Product” landing page you will see the “Find a Product” field. In the type ahead search field you can type in the name of the product that you are looking for. You can also click on “All Products A-Z” listing to find the product page you are looking for. You can even click on one of the products in your “My Saved Products” or “Recently Visited Products” to go where you need to download the relevant documents you are looking for.

online support one.PNG.png

When you get to the product page of your choice, you will see some of the support topics of which you will choose “Documentation”. This will bring you to the documentation section of that product page.

online support two.PNG.pngThere are a number of different ways to narrow your search criteria to find the document you need. You can filter product/version, content type, support task, OS Version, last updated, and etc. If you are looking for an “Installation Guide” you can easily find what you need by selecting the content type “Manual and Guides”. You can take it a step further by choosing Install under “Support tasks”. That will narrow down your results even more to find the specific document that you are trying to find. Keep in mind that the file with the most recent date will appear at the top. You have the ability to filter the date so you can bringer an older document to the top.

online support three.PNG.png

This is what the current experience looks like today. It will be changing in the near future. New images and steps for navigating through documentation will be coming soon. Try these simple steps and post any feedback, comments, or questions that you may have in the Comments area below.

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