MyQuotes Go Live – January 10, 2016

MyQuotes Go Live
January 10th is just around the corner and I’m thrilled to be writing about this important initiative again as we start the countdown to MyQuotes Go Live.

Earlier in the year, I detailed some of the great benefits this single quoting solution will bring to our Partner community. EMC values our partnership and our ability to collaborate on important solutions for our customers. This is why MyQuotes is so significant. We have developed a solution designed to enable the close collaboration we have across our EMC Sales Teams and our Channel Partners.

With MyQuotes, for the first time ever, EMC and our Partner community will be working in the same system. This is a game changer. MyQuotes is easy to use, removes unnecessary steps from the quoting process, introduces automation for faster approvals and provides a single sign on experience, allowing you to get into the tool faster.

We’re really excited to have you get started at Go Live. In the meantime, if you haven’t explored some of the new capabilities – short, modular web based training is available on the Partner Portal. Training includes real system demonstrations so you will both learn what is changing and how it will work. I encourage you to take your training today.

A few additional important things you need to know as we get ready for Go Live …

December 31st is your last day to submit a quote in Channel Xpress
Also on December 31st all Channel Xpress Quote approvals will expire and after this date any order submitted will need a new approval
From January 1st through 9th, there will be no quoting system available or automated order processing available

There is a lot of additional information available on the Partner Portal to help you get ready, including a list of common questions and answers.

If you have any questions as we lead up to Go Live, contact your Partner Support Center representative. These individuals have been highly engaged and are not only ready to answer your questions now, but will be your primary contact for support upon Go Live.

Thank you for your time and engagement. I’m looking forward to January 10th and I hope you are too.

About the Author: Darren Sullivan