Gets Better Business Intelligence with Dell and Microsoft

If you asked most people, they would say that Dell is a hardware company. While that is true – yes, we do make servers, storage, laptops and such – there is much more to the story. Dell is actually in the business of selling solutions: hardware + software + services.

This week, we announced an extension of a solution that is critical to many of our customers: business intelligence or BI. Dell announced the release of Phase III of our BI Reference Configurations – this includes capabilities for 10 TB and 20TB solutions running on Microsoft Windows SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008.

When business data is properly stored and analyzed, BI can deliver the powerful knowledge to enable business decision-makers to react to marketing and business demands. Just ask

With more than 23 million unique visitors and over 1.6 million jobs, data volumes at have grown significantly since 2007. By using Dell servers and storage systems to power its data warehouse and business intelligence applications, has reduced the processing time for key business intelligence load jobs up to 50 percent, allowing faster access to important business data and same-day reporting for global operations. is a model for businesses using data intelligently. BI and data warehousing, unfortunately, are often thought to be overly complex, difficult-to-implement and far too expensive for many companies. Most BI solutions cost over $1 million to deploy. The New York Times reported back in December that HP NeoView, HP’s BI appliance, can cost more than $10 million. Dell powered Microsoft BI solutions run in the ballpark of $300,000 – a much more business-friendly price tag, especially in this economy.

Why is using Dell-Microsoft BI? Our Phase III Dell and Microsoft BI reference architecture takes the complexity out of deploying an enterprise class Business Intelligence solution so they can get it up and running quickly. It is built on industry standard Dell PowerEdge Servers and Microsoft's BI suite of application making it cost effective and easy to integrate with existing infrastructure. They are running it on Dell PowerEdge R900 Servers and Dell | EMC storage. This is a solution that our customers appreciate.

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About the Author: Matt McGinnis