Molina Healthcare: The Story of Rapid Scale and Growth

Molina Healthcare’s mission is to provide quality health services to financially vulnerable families and individuals covered by government programs. The company has health plans, medical clinics and a health information management solution. No other organization of its kind does all three.


Over the past five years, Molina has experienced rapid growth, moving onto the Fortune 500 list to its current number 201 spot. The company has added over 2.3 million members during the past three years. Today, Molina arranges for the delivery of healthcare services and offers health information management solutions to nearly five million individuals and families who receive their care through Medicaid, Medicare and other government-funded programs in fifteen states.

Supporting this kind of growth demands a scalable, reliable and cost-effective infrastructure. Their IT organization carefully evaluated multiple solutions from different vendors, and decided that the VMAX All Flash with the VCE Vblock 740 is the best platform for their needs.

Through VCE converged infrastructure with all-flash technology, Molina is able to consolidate multiple mission-critical workloads with high performance and reliability needs onto a single platform resulting in significant CapEx and OpEx savings.

Let’s take a specific example of how VMAX All Flash arrays, engineered specifically to capitalize on the performance of flash and the economics of today’s latest large-capacity SSDs, are delivering these benefits.

A key growth driver of the business is Molina’s growing enrollment, which in turn has contributed to higher call volumes. The new dedicated VCE Vblock 740 with VMAX All Flash will scale to support the continued growth while also providing the resources for new technologies, enabling Molina’s members and providers to experience reliable and quality service in the call centers. The new platform allows significant increases over the existing capacity and provides the scale required to meet business needs:

  • 350% capacity increase in total phone capacity
  • 400% capacity increase in total member call center agents
  • 570% capacity increase for inbound simultaneous call capacity.

VMAX All Flash array’s superior performance, density and economies of scale led to multiple savings and benefits for Molina, including:

  • Reduced deployment time for new infrastructure, measured in hours rather than weeks, allowing Molina to increase the speed of implementation, meeting key business objectives.
  • An estimated 18% savings in cooling and energy costs and eliminated need to invest in additional data center space from reduced footprint of five data center tiles.
  • Freed up 24% of critical data center space to accelerate new projects.
  • Increased CapEx savings with an all-flash platform lifecycle of 7 -10 years.

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Chhandomay Mandal

About the Author: Chhandomay Mandal

Dr. Chhandomay Mandal is the Director of Solutions Marketing at Dell Technologies. He leads solutions across artificial intelligence, analytics, business applications, and cyber as well as industry-specific solutions for healthcare, media & entertainment, semiconductors and smart manufacturing. Prior to his current role, he led Dell’s all-flash storage solutions marketing efforts for desktop virtualization, server virtualization and private cloud. Dr. Mandal has been awarded 13 patents. He has a PhD from University of Florida, MBA from Indiana University, and BTech from Indian Institute of Technology.