Modernize your IT with Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM)

Complete quick and seamless technology transitions to Dell’s 12th generation of PowerEdge servers with Dell AIM

Customers tell us they want a high-performance infrastructure that is easy to manage and helps them quickly deliver business outcomes. We are listening to you, and Dell continues to invest in management solutions to help streamline and automate what you need to do to create an elastic infrastructure that supports your business needs. One of them is Dell’s  Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM), a software product designed to help react in real-time to changing business needs with automated workload mobility and recovery management, all while reducing data center management costs.  

Dell AIM lets you move workloads and repurpose servers in minutes. It dynamically controls not only what workloads run on a server but also each server’s associated network connectivity, storage access and power state. IT teams can rack once, cable once, then effortlessly reconfigure and repurpose server infrastructure as needed.

Improvements in efficiency are always important. Using Dell AIM, customers have completed a rapid data center migration to new architectures, consolidated their infrastructure and created a flexible, agile, resilient cloud-ready environment. With AIM, you can shorten time to value by rapidly and seamlessly migrating your workloads to Dell 12th generation PowerEdge servers.

In a Dell AIM managed environment you can:

Improve Operational Efficiency:

  • Reduce time spent managing IT and reduce TCO with automation
  • Streamline operations and reduce cost with open, integrated infrastructure
  • Respond quickly to changing business needs with dynamic management

Ensure Business Continuity:

  • Protect and access data with integrated backup and recovery
  • Keep operations up and running with redundancy and dynamic solutions
  • Make critical data more resilient through scalable, failsafe virtualization

Accomplish More:

  • Optimize your physical virtualized environment with unified management
  • Increase resource utilization, application performance and availability while gaining scalability with pools of resources

I invite you to take a closer look at Dell AIM in action in this IT transformation case study and product overview video.


About the Author: Consuelo Ortiz