Mobility means getting things done from virtually anywhere

Get up and go… mobile that is! Mobility means getting things done from virtually anywhere. More and more, mobile users are picking up devices like tablets and smart phones to keep connected, both personally and professionally. Dell’s partnership with Citrix on creating a complete end to end Desktop Virtualization Solution includes supporting a wide array of alternative mobile devices.

Staying productive doesn’t mean having to take it all with you. The business world is getting more mobile every day. Forrester projects that the mobile enabled workforce will reach 69% by 2015. By 2014, Gartner predicts, it will be commonplace for organizations to support corporate applications on employee-owned notebooks and smartphones. As more people work where it best suits them, desktop virtualization means keeping productive with portability.

Dell’s Enterprise Mobility and Desktop Virtualization Solutions combined with Citrix’s Receiver give users access to the things they need on the devices they want to use. Plus, IT management gets the trusted access solution that keeps the corporate network and data secure, without the cost and complexity of rebuilding what you have. And from an IT management perspective, this is highly important since mitigating potential loss or theft of data on portable devices is one of the biggest concerns facing IT professionals today.

Do you have a large investment in existing Windows applications? Why not take advantage of new mobile devices without recreating all those applications for each platform! What’s not to like about getting a great combination of secure access from tablet devices without the cost and complexity of rebuilding what you have?

Together, Dell and Citrix bring a complete solution with all the ingredients to make mobile life that much easier for organizations. The pre-architected solutions provide flexible delivery options including complete datacenter solutions that customers can buy “as a service” or packaged for use in customer datacenters… not just a reference architecture. We provide a proven package with all the ingredients so customers can focus on giving business consumers the mobile access that they need.

You can take safely and simply access business applications back at the office right now with Citrix Ready tablet devices, including the Dell Streak 7 and Streak 5.

About the Author: Michael Richtberg

Michael Richtberg is a product strategy industry expert in virtualized data center infrastructure including storage, hyperconverged, cloud, virtual desktops, mobility and security that spans more than 30 years with brand leaders like Dell, Oracle, Citrix, and NCR and start-ups in the software-defined storage and hyperconverged industry. His work has generated innovations resulting in billions of new revenues for the computer software, hardware and cloud industry by building new offerings that enable customers to become more productive through better security, higher mobile flexibility, making data storage more cost effective, and optimizing data center infrastructure options. Michael is part of the Dell EMC Storage CTO Council. He also leads product strategy and business development for the PowerFlex software defined storage product family.