Mobile World Congress: Partnering With Service Providers And Telcos In Transition

Mobile World Congress is starting this week. It’s one of my favorite industry conferences and the premiere industry event for the telecommunications and service provider market. Coming out of Mobile World Congress 2015 I predicted this industry would move from analyzing the next generation infrastructure architectures needed to support more flexible, and agile service delivery to actual execution. EMC was fully committed to partnering with the industry in this transition. In 2015, this is exactly what happened.

As this shift to execution occurred, EMC realized there were two types of customers, tier one global scale players, and regional, moderate scale players. The tier one global operators were leading the transformation. They were building out bespoke, customized architectures where EMC’s product toolkit was very useful, but the solution stacks were new and untested. We created a new engagement model based on Open Innovation principles where we could combine our best in class product toolkit and our technology expertise to collaborate with the transformation leaders to create new custom solutions. These engagements with the early adopter global tier one operators allowed us to learn the patterns to implement new services based on Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and next generation data analytics technologies. What we learned allows us to create repeatable, packaged offerings that smaller scale regional operators can deploy quickly and reliably.

The purpose of this transformation is to enable the industry to provide more agile, less expensive, and new differentiated service to their customers.

This is an exciting time for the Telco and Service Provider industries and I look forward to meeting with the customers we worked with in 2015 to share with them our plans for 2016 at Mobile World Congress. We’ve got some exciting news to share and we look forward to seeing you there. Until then, the entire EMC federation events schedule is available at:

About the Author: John Roese