Celebrating a Critical Milestone in Converged Infrastructure: 10,000 VCE Certified Professionals in Under Two Years

Despite acknowledgement of software-defined business success, there continues to be a significant skills gap in critical and emerging growth areas like cloud, infrastructure management, virtualization and big data science, to name a few. Each of these emerging areas will require both IT and end users to very quickly gain a wide depth and breadth of skill set to maximize return on technology investment, stay competitive and to advance their professional brand and their business.

At VCE we are cognizant of this need and stay committed to investing in the future of our employees, customers and partners. To that end, we are extremely proud and excited to announce that the VCE Certified Professional Program has grown rapidly since its inception just under two years ago and will be the first certification program in the true converged infrastructure market to hit 10,000 certified professionals.Get Certified

The VCE Certified Professional technical certification program, combined with VCE Training courses significantly narrows this gap specifically in hybrid cloud and infrastructure management market.  Not only does VCE Training and Certification offer targeted learning to address specific skills gaps, they also tend to require fewer time and monetary resource commitments than traditional stack programs.

Certifying 10,000 professionals in a short span of two years combined with its 10,000 members confirms the value our customers and partners are experiencing from the converged and hyper-converged solutions. These professionals continue to expand their knowledge and skills of how to best design, implement or manage VCE converged solutions.

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 The future of converged and hyper-converged infrastructure will bring even more dramatic cost, time and resource reductions for customers, freeing up capacity for innovation and development of services to serve consumer demand. Our VCE Certified Professionals will be leading the charge in making this a reality in this very exciting and rapidly growing market.

Congratulations to all 10,000 VCE Certified Professionals! Join this growing community by starting your VCE Certification journey today!

About the Author: Todd Pavone