Meet EMC ProtectPoint, 10 Fun Facts About Our Newest Family Member


Today, EMC announced a new data protection solution, EMC ProtectPoint, which enables direct backup from primary storage to protection storage.   As the newest member of the EMC data protection and availability family, I wanted to share some fun facts so you can get to know ProtectPoint better: 

  1. Revolutionary – ProtectPointis blazing new trails as the first solution to enable direct backup from block-based primary storage (initially VMAX3) to protection storage (Data Domain).
  2. Peacemaker – Looking to make a good impression as the new kid on the block, ProtectPoint is designed to provide non-disruptive data protection by eliminating the backup impact on the application server, which ensures consistent application performance.
  3. Uncompromising – ProtectPoint enables the functionality of backups with the performance of snapshots so you can meet protection SLAs for mission critical applications without compromise.
  4. Sense of Urgency – Who has time to wait for data when your application is down? With ProtectPoint, you get instant access to protected data, enabling simplified granular recovery directly from the Data Domain system.
  5. Sociable – Much like our existing protection software portfolio, ProtectPoint plays well with others by integrating directly with applications to ensure application consistent backups.
  6. Multi-lingual – By speaking the same language the data is stored in, ProtectPoint protects data in native format on the Data Domain system, ensuring simple and fast recovery.
  7. Minimalist – As a modern data protection solution, ProtectPoint aims to minimize storage requirements on both primary and protection storage. By reducing snapshots used for protection and leveraging Data Domain inline deduplication, ProtectPoint minimizes storage requirements across the entire environment.
  8. Resourceful – ProtectPoint also looks to make efficient use of the infrastructure you already have in place to reduce your overall cost and complexity. Specifically, it eliminates the requirement for backup servers, eliminates backup traffic from the LAN and minimizes SAN backup traffic.
  9. Trustworthy – Trust is non-negotiable when it comes to protecting your mission critical applications. Like our entire protection software portfolio, ProtectPoint leverages Data Domain protection storage to provide reliable recovery via the Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture.
  10. Empowering – Unlike traditional backup, ProtectPoint is designed to give application owners (including DBAs) complete control of backup, recovery and replication directly from their native interfaces.

ProtectPoint truly changes the game when it comes to mission critical application protection. To learn more check out the new page on

About the Author: Caitlin Gordon

Caitlin Gordon, Vice President of Product Marketing, has been at Dell EMC for nearly 13 years supporting numerous products across storage and data protection. Caitlin has an MBA from Babson College and a Bachelor’s degree in MIS and Marketing from Villanova University. She is a huge Boston sports fan and has two toddlers at home who keep her extremely busy when she’s not cheering for her teams or launching a new product to the market.