Maximize server capacity using the next generation direct-attached storage

MD Series

Technology changes bring enhancements to even the most reliable products, and Dell Storage is no different.  Today we are introducing the latest improvements to the Dell Storage MD series. The new MD1400 and MD1420 enclosures dramatically expand storage behind the next generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, offering affordable and reliable direct-attached storage.  

Designed specifically to offer storage capacity behind Dell 13th Generation PowerEdge servers, the new Dell Storage MD JBOD (just-a-bunch-of-disks) series uses low-cost storage expansion enclosures to provide you with the best value and cost per gigabyte. These DAS enclosures provide 12Gb/s SAS connectivity with the PowerEdge servers, using PERC9 series RAID controllers, or Dell’s 12Gb SAS host bus adapter (HBA), doubling the throughput of the previous generation of MD series DAS enclosures. This added bandwidth helps ensure that data can be accessed quickly and efficiently, improving the processing and compute performance expected from the host server. The simple design of the MD1400 and MD1420 also helps drive efficiencies back into the data center by allowing you to mix-and-match hard drives to meet your capacity and performance requirements. 

Since it has been designed for density, the MD1400 is an easy way to expand server capacity, offering up to 48TB of raw storage per enclosure. This makes it an ideal solution for mainstream or capacity-intensive solutions, offering performance and security for applications that focus on sequential I/O. 

The MD1420 also delivers the performance and efficiencies required for applications with random I/OPs, taking advantage of high performance SSD drives. Additionally, Self-Encrypted Drives (SED) can be used to protect data when security is a high priority, so even if a drive is removed from the MD storage enclosure, the data on the drive is encrypted and rendered useless to anyone who attempts to access it without the appropriate security authorization. What’s great about the MD1400 and the MD1420 is that they utilize the same NL-SAS, SAS and SSD hard drives as the PowerEdge servers to assist in minimizing the cost of spares for customers. 

We hope that you will take advantage of a true end-to-end performance experience, using the Dell Storage MD series. Our goal is to provide simple, cost-effective and powerful solutions to support the storage needs of your growing business. Please follow us on Twitter and share your feedback.

About the Author: Judy Benson

Judy is the Dell EMC PowerEdge server team Program Manager. She likes nothing better than telling others what to do and when to do it. She has spent most of her career at Dell in various roles, but came to marketing in 2008 and has never looked back. The first 2 years she was the Dell Storage team program manager before switching roles to storage product marketing. She was completely blown away by how hard it was to actually be creative and fill a blank piece of paper with words and content. However, she must have liked it a little, because she did it for several years before moving the server team and back into project management. Did I mention she has her PMP (Project Manager Professional) certification? Now, she sits back and laughs at everyone when they complain about the massive amounts of marketing content work they have to do, while she exploits her true talent of being bossy.