Marrying Analytics and Network Quality Information

One thing I’m frequently hearing about these days is the connection between analytics and real time network quality information. With a combination of tools provided by Greenplum and our churn management solutions, we are able to detect things like when a customer is becoming dissatisfied with their service provider or when they may decide to leave that provider.  In Latin America, we have ventured into the world of analytics with the construction of a new data and analytics research lab in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The center will serve as a hub for data scientists, an executive briefing center, and applications for industries such as oil and gas and communications.

About the Author: Laddie Suk

Laddie leads a cross-functional Dell Technologies Consulting team focused on digital transformation and industry solutions. He is a seasoned industry veteran with deep experience across multiple industries, solutions, and technologies. As a former Verizon Network CIO and Network Executive at AT&T and Bell Labs, he has extensive hands-on experience in leading strategic network and IT development projects and managing communication service provider environments. He has also led strategic and tactical engagements in network transformation, IT transformation, and business process and performance improvement for clients throughout the Americas.