Managing Email Notifications for Product Updates, Advisory Subscriptions, and Alerts.

Dell EMC Online Support offers you the ability to set up proactive email notifications regarding the products for which you would like to receive information.

You can manage your notifications by:

     1. Clicking the “Preferences” link in the upper-right corner of any Online Support page.


     2. Then, clicking on the “Subscriptions & Alerts” tab on the far right of the page.


You can set up the following types of rules to trigger product-specific emails for the products of your choice:

  • Product Updates are email alerts for new and updated technical documentation and downloads.  You can receive notifications on as many select as many Dell EMC products as you want.  Use the “Add Subscription” search field to add products to you notifications subscription list.             


  • Product Advisories are email alerts for Dell EMC Technical Advisories (ETAs) and Dell EMC Security Advisories (ESAs) to stay informed of critical issues and prevent potential impact to your environment.  You can receive advisories on as many Dell EMC products as you want.  Use the “Add Alert” search field to add products to your Advisory subscription list.


Additionally, when viewing a product page in the Support by Product function, you can add a product advisory notification from the “Advisories” pod in the lower left of the product page.

    1. Click ‘Manage Advisory Subscription’
    2. Select the product, and the type of alert you are interested in.
    3. Click  the ‘Save’ button                                                      SbP Advisories pic.png

For more information on how to set notifications preferences in Online Support, you can go to the Help link at the top right of any Online Support web page, then go to the Managing your Preferences section.

Try it out!  …and please post any feedback or questions you have as a “question” on this post.

Brant Harmon,  Service Center SME

Anna Piermarini, Support by Product SME

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