Managing and making IT Service Delivery more efficient with VIS Creator

If you’re an IT Director trying to deliver resources more quickly to the business while somehow managing the lifecycle of those resources in a secure and cost-effective way, you’re not alone. In IDC’s July 2011 U.S. Private IT Cloud Systems Management Survey, a whopping 87% of respondents said that controlling IT capital costs was one of their top five goals, with 78% saying the same about controlling IT operations costs. So, while you might not be the only one with these problems, what are you going to do to solve them?

With Dell VIS Creator, which is part of the Dell VIS portfolio Enterprise Private Cloud solution, you get a self-service portal with a multi-vendor catalog of physical, virtual, private cloud and hybrid cloud resources that your IT end users or business end users can use for ordering and deploying workloads – including virtual desktop workloads – in just minutes.

Your developers get an on-demand platform for heterogeneous workload deployment in a lab environment without burdening your overall IT operations. And VIS Creator’s security policies give you the peace of mind that end users will be able to choose from only those resources in your shared infrastructure that you want to have available to them.

You can also relieve your team of the manual, time-consuming process of tracking usage of virtual machines thanks to VIS Creator’s lifecycle management policies that automate deployment, reclamation and decommissioning. No more runaway resources eating up your OpEx and CapEx budgets!

To get a deeper understanding of VIS Creator’s use cases, read our Dell Power Solutions article 4 key use cases for automated IT service delivery and management.  Also, check out what IDC has to say in its Simplifying Private Cloud Operations executive brief.  And for more information, visit

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About the Author: Tom Baumgartner