Manageability Matters: Realities of the IT Landscape & How Dell Can Help

Why does manageability matter? In today’s environment, IT managers are continuously being challenged to do more with less. The number of devices they’re expected to support is increasing, while their budgets are remaining flat or declining.

Systems management remains complex – deployment alone can cost up to $615 per PC over the life of the system – and changing computing trends such as touch, BYOD and an increasingly mobile workforce only add to the challenge. Constant connectivity is the end user expectation, and IT managers are looking to meet these expectations while gaining efficiencies in their everyday tasks.

That is why we deliver technologies to make systems management easier for IT administrators, helping our customers to:

  • Drive efficiencies throughout the PC lifecycle by automating the most time-consuming tasks of deploying, monitoring and updating
  • Maximize your IT spend and resources with seamless integration into the industry-leading management consoles you already use and support for the lifetime of your PCs
    • Complete manageability provided for the lifetime of your PCs: We recognize your PC investment lives with you 4+ years, and Dell doesn’t forget or abandon you. We take care of your install base by supporting up to the last 5 generations of Dell systems – more than any other OEM!
    • Collect deep inventory information, enforce policies and maintain system health with updates for the life of your Dell system
    • Best-in-class integration with Microsoft SCCM and Dell KACE to efficiently deploy, monitor, inventory and update your systems
  • Expand your capabilities to further reduce complexity with Dell’s unique vPro extensions for remote one-to-many management even when systems are offline
    • Save time – Update BIOS configurations in 59 minutes vs. 5 hours* by updating all your systems concurrently
    • Ensure all your systems stay patched and updated regardless of whether they are turned on
    • Protect the network by quickly taking infected systems offline to patch, stopping malware in its tracks
    • Check the hardware health of a PC running a client hypervisor

With unique systems management capabilities, Dell Precision workstations, Latitude laptops and OptiPlex desktops are the most manageable systems in the industry.  To learn more about our offerings, visit us next week at our Microsoft Management Summit 2012.

About the Author: Brett Hansen

Brett Hansen is Vice President, Dell Unified Workspace. In this role, he is responsible for developing solutions that enable customers to simplify and streamline their client lifecycle, secure their endpoints, and ultimately provide users with a more productive and modernized workspace environment. With Dell Technologies uniquely positioned to deliver these solutions, Mr. Hansen harnesses capabilities from Dell Client, Dell Services, VMware and Secureworks to deliver integrated solutions spanning hardware, software and services. These technologies are optimized on Dell Client portfolio, but also embrace the multi-OS and device heterogenous environments of our customers, ultimately providing them with the choice, simplification, and productivity improvements they desire. Brett engages with customers, channel partners and product developers on a daily basis, leveraging his more than 15 years of experience leading business development and channel functions in the software industry. Brett joined Dell after 12 years with IBM Software Group. In his last position at IBM, he served as Director, IBM Tivoli Demand Systems Marketing where he held global responsibility for generating and managing the Tivoli pipeline.