Making PCIe-Based SSD Solutions More Powerful & Flexible

Today, Dell announced that it along with other founding members EMC, Fujitsu, IBM and Intel have formed the Solid State Drive (SSD) Form Factor Working Group. I know some will say, “why yet another standards group”? The simple answer is that today, PCIe-based SSD solutions provide performance, but lack ease of use features customers have come to expect and appreciate. By standardizing the form factor and interface, customers stand to gain easy to use, scalable PCIe SSD solutions with lower integration costs.

In order to get there, this new working group is dedicating itself to advancing PCIe SSD technology standards in three technology areas:

  • A connector specification which will promote interoperability of several storage protocols, supporting SAS/SATA 3.0 as well as PCIe 3.0. This allows greater user choice and flexibility.
  • A form factor which builds upon the current 2.5-inch standard to enable enclosure flexibility while supporting the new connector definition and expanding the power envelope in support of higher performance.
  • The support for hot plug capability to create high-availability and serviceability benefits.

Together, the working group will focus on enterprise customers who are pushing the storage IO envelope and require high performance, easy to use, cost effective, storage solutions to optimize CPU performance. Imagine a new standard that can incorporate serial-attached SCSI, serial-ATA and PCIe all on the same drive chassis so that system manufacturers and users would not have to change their architecture to accommodate the new hardware. To find out more click here.

About the Author: Gary Kotzur