Making Carrier networks future-ready with Dell NFV solutions

Imagine this: a new service request affecting your carrier networks, including a massive change to your internal IT systems has just come in, but you’re about to go grab lunch. Here’s what we propose: set the service implementation in motion for global roll out, and then go grab your coffee and eat your cheeseburger.

So how are we going to get there?

For years SDN and NFV were complementary and traditionally didn’t meet – but now we’re seeing these two technologies being messaged in the same breath. They are coming closer to each other and are well on the way to becoming one. And as carriers realize the benefits of the linkages, they will be looking to the industry to innovate and provide open and modular future ready solutions.  

So here’s where Dell, and our telecom ecosystem, comes in. We focus on providing infrastructure without vendor lock-in. Think of us as the beautiful intelligent-whitebox vendor you can spin whatever way you want. We work with our ecosystem partners, collaborators and unique Dell IP to provide associated software to present a single element, a base for many different (equally intelligent) personalities to attach to, and for those many combinations to be available to the carriers. Our customers are looking for horizontal future-ready platforms that can plug-and-play different applications, but at the best value and speed. They are looking for flexibility and an openness that drives the best support, and spurs on stable innovation. Dell is ready to provide the right subsystems, and building blocks that are robust, and ready to enable you to bring your new service up over lunch.  

Change the economics of your telecom solutions  

We want to make your solutions fly, so here’s what we do:

–        While you are focusing on innovation, Dell is too. Our telecom team is developing intelligent boxes and providing them to you at speed, due to our massive scale, supply chain expertise and engineering resilience.

–        We give you the power over your solutions, and the power to deliver the most high performance offerings. We’re not here to lock your development down, we want to open it up wide, free up your CAPEX and OPEX, and allow you to focus on delivering solutions for your customers, at speed.

–        Let us be clear, we don’t compete with our ecosystem, we’re here to collaborate, be a true partner, but you’re free to leave us if and when you wish. 

We deliver upon our standards and open source promise: We have an incredible track record with regard to adherence to standards, programming- and management interfaces.

Last but not least, we give our customers the flexibility to customize the hardware and/or software stacks. We want to make sure customers can draw value out of the same foundation, creating accessibility, scale and flexibility. This is what makes Dell and your NFV / SDN solution different. So while today you may be doing (v)EPC, (v)IMS or CPE services, or any other function, your foundation doesn’t need to change. That solid foundation providing open choices and flexibility to scale as a modular fluid environment is vital. We will continue to push for the best and most intelligent foundations that can bring as many combinations from the top down. Not only will this mean a more robust solution for our customers, but it has been proven out that the broader the participation in industry from a standards point of view, the greater the rate of innovation in industry. And that can only be good.  

Now pass your coffee cup over. I’ll top it up while you watch this video from NFV World Congress in San Jose.

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About the Author: Joelle Coghlan