Make This a December to Remember!

Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers 14G offers the best possible platform for IT transformation – so let’s deliver strong year-end sales of our advanced server solutions…

Since the global launch in July of the eagerly anticipated 14th generation of the Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio, these best-of-breed servers have proved to be a huge hit with organizations of all sizes, all around the world.

Partners, too, have been reaping the rewards of being able to promote and offer to their customers a comprehensive choice of advanced technology that was specifically developed to help accelerate business and drive IT transformation.

Our new PowerEdge Servers represent an exciting new way to take advantage of impressive performance and operational enhancements at the same time as a range of unbeatable business benefits.

We have some of the best products and the best Partner Program, so there’s never been a better time to promote and sell the PowerEdge Server portfolio. As the year end approaches, let’s deliver December sales that are just as strong as the initial launch interest in these industry-leading server solutions!

Transformation Without Compromise

The 14th generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers is continuing its predecessors’ trend of setting the standards for others to follow.

Our new PowerEdge servers are designed to be the bedrock of the modern data center. They are built from the ground up with a no-compromise approach to deliver an end-to-end, fully flexible and innovative solution that customers can absolutely rely on—whatever the workload and whatever the future demands of their IT infrastructure.

In short: they’re specifically designed to deliver transformation without compromise.

You can use our latest PowerEdge servers to help your customers realize their vision of a worry-free infrastructure that allows them to maximize performance and optimize efficiency.

The latest Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers deliver a knock-out combination of unbeatable business benefits, available across a comprehensive range of server models to suit all infrastructure needs.

A Comprehensive Choice of Winning Server Solutions

Whatever sector your customers are in, whatever the size of their organization and whatever their workload demands, you’re able to offer them a best-in-class server solution that’s designed to drive transformation in the most efficient and effective way for their business. Plus, of course, a suite of professional services that helps provide ongoing expertise and peace of mind.

PowerEdge Servers 14G steals the show in three key areas:

  1. Scalable business architecture

With fully flexible and dynamic server technology that’s optimized for the emergence of NVMe and all workloads, customers can adapt quickly to help address ever-evolving business and workload needs.

  1. Intelligent automation

With iDRAC and Open Manage Enterprise driving built-in automation, customers can handle more routine tasks more efficiently, while also freeing up skilled resources for business-critical operations.

  1. Integrated security

Dell EMC’s sophisticated cradle-to-grave protection is embedded at every step to safeguard organizations and their clients, so your customers can fortify their operations and their profitability.

Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers 14G technology is clearly designed to deliver the difference. Let’s make it a December to remember!

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About the Author: Julie Tatum