The Magic of VCE: VCE Positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems

We continue to witness a major industry shift to an integrated infrastructure model that drastically simplifies IT, lowers costs and enables customers to focus on delivering business outcomes. EMC provides three clear options for customers looking for an integrated infrastructure to build the foundation for private cloud deployments, virtual desktop solutions, and enterprise applications; Build their own with best of breed components, EMC VSPEX [1] for integrated reference architectures  (noted by Gartner as  #1 for Integrated Reference Architecture Systems), and VCE Vblock for fully converged infrastructure.

So who is the clear leader for fully converged integrated infrastructure?

Well if you needed more validation, look no further than the first Gartner, Inc. “Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems” that positioned VCE in the Leaders quadrant. Gartner defines integrated systems as the combination of server, storage and network infrastructure, sold with management software that facilitates the provisioning and management of the combined unit. The full report can be downloaded from the VCE website

VCE Vblock Systems provide seamless integration of compute (Cisco), storage (EMC), network and virtualization (VMware) technologies with unified management and end-to-end support.

VCE surpassed its 2013 goal of $1 billion in annual sales [2]and achieved a $1.8 billion annualized demand run rate[3] for VCE products and services exiting Q4 2013, with growing demand for Vblock Systems at well over 50 percent year over year – the company’s fourth consecutive quarter of accelerated year-over-year growth. Along with Cisco and EMC, VCE also expanded its partnering efforts through the Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Accelerator.

Why all of this success and accolades? Simple and no magic required. VCE delivers a great customer experience. Vblock is a truly converged infrastructure, it is pre-integrated, factory built and tested, delivered as a single product with one phone number to call for support. Vblock Systems eliminate many of the challenges that consume today’s data center resources including planning, setting up and deploying infrastructure, and keeping infrastructure up to date. Basically, Vblock Systems can simplify every aspect of IT operations while boosting productivity and lowering costs.

The success and momentum of VCE with the Vblock Systems portfolio is proof that a truly converged infrastructure using best-in-class technologies from EMC (EMC VNXeVNX and VMAX) can help customers get projects done faster, with better performance, higher availability and low total cost of ownership.

We will continue to deliver innovative world-class technology solutions with VCE that will help our customers transform their IT.

Additional Information

[1] VSPEX removal from the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems due to its high degree of choice and flexibility for customers is explained here

[2] Sales figure is based on 2013 VCE bookings.

[3]Demand run rate is an annualized calculation of orders received in the applicable period by VCE, VMware, EMC and Cisco for the sale of VCE Vblock products and related services.

About the Author: Tom Tormey